Thursday, June 24, 2010

NEA Education Insider Urgent Alert: June 23, 2010


The House of Representatives is expected to vote very soon on funding to save educator jobs. We need your help TODAY to make sure this urgent relief passes. Several of us have called Representative King's office to let him know that "education is the best form of economic development" in our state. When our country was in a Depression, we sent our students to school each day. Now is not the time to forsake our commitment to the cornerstone of democracy.

We are facing an education emergency – a catastrophe that is growing worse by the day and threatening our children’s, and our nation’s, future.

More than 80 percent of school districts across the country have had to, or expect to, layoff educators, leading to crowded classrooms and dramatic cuts to essential programs. In some places, the school day and school week are being shortened, reducing learning time.
But YOU can make a difference. Call Congress today.

Call your Representative today, by dialing 1-866-608-6355. You will hear talking points and will be connected to the United States Capitol Switchboard – ask for your House Member. Tell him/her to VOTE YES on funding to save educator jobs.
You can also e-mail your Members of Congress and urge a YES vote for education jobs funding.

The need is great.