Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seniority, Article IV MASTER CONTRACT


A. Definition of Seniority. Seniority for the purposes of this Agreement shall be based on the date of the beginning continuous full-time employment as an employee in this school district. Part-time employees shall be considered full-time employees, for the purposes of this Article, and seniority shall accumulate on a pro rata basis. If two or more employees have the same number of years of continuous full-time employment within the district, the employee who signed his/her contract of employment first shall be considered most
senior. Resolution of seniority questions left unsettled by the previous two provisions shall be determined by the drawing of lots. A probationary employee as defined in Chapter 279.l9, Code of Iowa shall have no seniority until the employee has completed the probationary period. At that time the employee shall acquire seniority from the date the employee began continuous full-time employment. No matter concerning staff reduction of a probationary employee shall be subject to the grievance procedure.

B. Application of Seniority Principle.

1. Whenever this Agreement calls for the use of seniority, seniority shall govern except in the situation where the administration has determined that the qualifications of the individuals for the position or assignment in question are not relatively equal, in which case a junior employee may be given preference. In considering qualifications in this Agreement, the administration shall consider but not be limited to the needs of the district, the employee's certification, educational preparation, and experience.

2. The application of the principles set forth in (1) above shall be subject to the grievance procedures in Article II of this agreement only with respect to the question whether the administration arbitrarily or capriciously concluded that two or more employees are not equally qualified for the position or assignment in question.

C. Seniority List. Before November 1 of each school year, the Board shall provide the Association with a seniority list for all employees in the bargaining unit. Any objection to the seniority list must be filed as a grievance by an employee, alleging his/her improper ranking (or seniority date) on that list, before December 1 of the year in which the Association received the list or the list shall stand approved as provided, and the correctness of the information shall not be subject to subsequent challenge by an employee or the Association.