Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Extra-Curricular Activity Pay, Article XII MASTER CONTRACT


Supplemental Pay

A. Extra-Curricular Activities.

1. Approved Activities. The Board and the Association agree that the extra-curricular activities listed in the attached schedule are official school-sponsored activities.

2. Rates of Pay. Employee participation in extra-curricular activities which extend beyond the regularly-scheduled in-school day shall be compensated according to the rate of pay or other stipulations as in the Schedule which is attached hereto. Up to nine (9) years prior experience credit may be granted to employees
new to the District. Employees currently on the supplemental salary schedule of the District shall be granted up to five (5) years experience credit for experience in their assigned duties. In the event an assistant coach becomes a head coach in the same sport, experience in both positions shall be used for placement on the supplemental salary schedule. All employees currently on the supplemental pay schedule shall advance one step.