Thursday, February 16, 2012

LCEA Hotline: February 16, 2012


Why you should care about online learning

What is happening with allowable growth?

NEW! Notes from the Inside - An inside look at a few of the education bills being proposed this legislative session that you probably won't hear about anywhere else. We'll feature one or two each week.

Why you should care about online learning

Two issues involving online schools surfaced in Iowa recently. First SSB 3009 and HSB 517, the education bill currently being debated in the Iowa Legislature, seeks to establish an online learning model opening the doors to 100 percent online schools. Second, two for-profit companies, K12, Inc. and Connections Academy have been hired to open online schools in Clayton Ridge and CAM school districts respectively.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mandatory Reporter Mandatory Reporter RSVP List

The following LCEA members have RSVP'd for the February 11, 2013 Mandatory Reporter training:

  1. Margie Argotsinger
  2. Kristina Beckner
  3. Jill Bryson
  4. Kelly Carr
  5. Amy Cook
  6. Denise Geier
  7. April Gradoville
  8. Misti Groat
  9. Linda Hahn
  10. Christine Knust
  11. Marisha Lenz
  12. Kari Lewis
  13. Sandy Lopes
  14. Carol Markel
  15. Maggie Miller
  16. Steve Nixon
  17. Ann Nun
  18. Gina Pearson
  19. Cindy Sellers
  20. Lori Shanks
  21. Mark Smith
  22. Jennifer Stroup
  23. Kim Swanger
  24. Jewell Tweedt
  25. Jennifer Williams