Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Employee Hours, Article III--MASTER CONTRACT


Employee Hours

A. Length of the Day. All full-time employees covered under this contract shall work eight hours per contract day including a duty-free lunch period. Part-time employees' working hours will be set by the building principal.

B. Arrival and Dismissal Time

1. The beginning and ending time for the employees' eight-hour contract day shall be set by the building principal. Nothing in this Article precludes the building principal from establishing more than one beginning and ending time for one or more employees.

2. On Fridays, and on days preceding holidays and vacations, the employees' day shall end when the buses have departed from the respective buildings of the employees.

C. Lunch Period

1. All employees shall have a daily, uninterrupted, duty-free lunch period of thirty-five (35) minutes.

2. Employees may leave the school premises during their duty-free lunch period provided the building principal has been notified where the employee may be located during the period of absence.

D. Meetings

1. Employees covered by the Master Contract Agreement may be required to report before or remain after the regular work day for the purpose of attending faculty or other administratively-called meetings. Employees shall be given two days advance notice of such meetings. Such meetings shall be no more than 30 minutes outside of the normal working hours.

2. Employees may be required, without additional compensation, to attend no more than six (6) evening meetings outside the regular school day each year. Attendance at additional meetings shall be at the discretion of the employee.

E. Staff Development

1. Whenever the District schedules a full day of staff development, part-time employees will participate in the full day’s program and be compensated for a full day of work.