Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Transfer Procedures, Article VII MASTER CONTRACT


Transfer Procedures

A. Voluntary Transfers.

1. Definition. The voluntary change or movement of an employee to a different attendance center.

2. Notification of Vacancies. Teacher vacancies will be posted in the faculty workroom at every attendance center when they occur and updated approximately every two weeks until the close of school.

3. Procedures.

a. Teachers desiring to transfer are to contact the administrator at the attendance center where the position exists to obtain additional information regarding the vacancy.

b. They must submit a written request to their building principal, with a copy to the superintendent stating the grade and/or subject in the building to which they desire to transfer.

c. Requests for transfer for the following year shall be submitted not later than five (5) school days after posting.

d. The administration shall give written notice containing a reason or reasons for denial of transfer to the person requesting it within five (5) working days after the decision has been made.

B. Summer Vacancies. Employees wishing to be kept informed during the summer months of specific vacancies within the district for which they are qualified shall keep on file in the District Personnel Office a written request to be notified of those vacancies. The request must include a summer address. The district will notify those employees requesting information about specific vacancies by mail during the period June 1 to July 15. The employee must submit in writing a request to be considered for the vacancy within ten (10) days from the date of mailing.

C. Involuntary Transfers.

1. Definition. The involuntary change or movement of an employee to a different attendance center.

2. Procedures.

a. Notice of an involuntary transfer shall be given in writing to the employee.

b. A personal conference will be held by the superintendent or superintendent's representative with the employee to be transferred.

c. After the conference, the reason or reasons for the transfer of the employee shall be given to the employee in writing.

D. Seniority After Transfer. When an employee is voluntarily or involuntarily transferred to a different attendance center, any seniority accrued in the previous attendance center(s) shall be added to the seniority accrued in the new attendance center.