Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Insurance, Article IX, MASTER CONTRACT



A. Health, Major Medical, and Disability. The Employer agrees to provide all eligible full-time employees with either full paid single insurance protection or sixty-five (65) percent toward the cost of dependent insurance protection. The employee may choose either a $500 or $1000 deductible. The Employer contribution for employees working 60% time or less will be on a pro-rata basis according to the amount of time worked. The Employer will provide long term disability insurance for all employees. The District may select the carrier, however, if there is a change in carrier the total benefits for health, major medical and disability shall be equal to or better than the total benefits existing in the previous contract.

B. Dental Insurance. The Employer agrees to provide all employees eligible for medical insurance above with full paid single dental insurance protection. The Employer contribution for employees working half time or less will be on a pro-rata basis according to the amount of time worked. The minimum benefits to be provided in the dental insurance policy shall be as follows:

1. $50 deductible per calendar year.

2. 80/20% of usual and customary charges.

3. Maximum payment of $1,000 per calendar year.

4. Orthodontia coverage is only for dependent children up to age 19. The lifetime orthodontic maximum is $1000.

C. Life Insurance. The Employer shall provide a level term life insurance policy with Accidental Death and Dismemberment on the life of each eligible full-time employee at an amount equal to the employee's contracted salary rounded to the nearest thousand. Contracted salary shall include the regular salary schedule pay, extended contract pay, supplemental pay, Phase II, and Teacher Quality pay. This policy shall be an amount no less than $30,000. The employer contribution for employees working half time or less will be on a pro-rata basis according to the amount of time worked.

D. School Liability. The Employer shall provide school liability insurance for all employees, including malpractice insurance for nurses while on school duty.

E. Selection of Carriers. All insurance program carriers shall be selected by the Board. The open enrollment period shall be jointly established by the Board, the Association and the insurance carrier. If a change of carrier is being considered, the Association will be asked for recommendations and information, but such change remains the prerogative of the Board.

F. Coverage. Coverage shall be for the duration of employment except where otherwise stated in this Agreement. Employees new to the district shall be covered by the Board provided insurance, if application is made timely, on the first day of the month following, or coinciding with their first day of employment.

G. Continuation. In the event that an employee, absent because of illness or injury, has exhausted sick leave accrual, the above mentioned benefits shall continue throughout the balance of the school year. Employees on paid leave shall continue to have Board contributions made according to the level described above. Employees on non-paid leave for one month or longer shall have the option to continue any or all of the Board paid programs by paying the premiums themselves to the Board within thirty (30) days of the billing date if such purchase is possible under the regulations set by the carrier.