Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wages & Salary, Article XI MASTER CONTRACT


Wages and Salaries

A. Schedule.

1. The salaries of all employees are covered by the regular salary schedule set forth and attached hereto. The base salary will increase by 325 to $28,060.

2. A combined salary schedule that will have an operating base of $28,060. The amount of the teacher salary supplement included on each step of this new schedule was determined according to the formula agreed upon by both parties.

3. The Board will continue to distribute the actual amount of teacher salary supplement received minus the Board costs for IPERS and FICA.

4. The per diem compensation for employees with extended contracts will be determined utilizing the regular salary schedule minus the salary supplement amount for that step.

The career increment amounts on Step 0 of the salary schedule shall increase to the following amounts.
BA+24 lane Step 12 $400
BA+36 lane Step 14 $750
MA lane Step 20 $750
MA+12 lane Step 20 $900
MA+24 lane Step 20 $1,050
MA+36 lane Step 20 $1,200

B. Placement on Salary Schedule.

1. Adjustment on Salary Schedule. Each employee contracted to work one semester or more of the previous contract year shall be advanced one vertical step on the salary schedule. Employees not contracted for the minimum of one semester of the previous contract year shall remain on the same vertical step of the salary schedule.

2. Credit for Experience. Upon initial employment or rehire, an employee may be granted full credit for experience in a duly-accredited school. Employees with no prior experience, or with fewer than three years experience shall be placed on step 4 of the salary schedule.

3. Nurses. Nurses with less than a BA degree will be paid on the Nurse lane, the base of which will be 90% of the BA base, Step 0. Nurses with a BA degree or higher will be paid on the same lane as teachers with the equivalent education.

C. Advancement on Salary Schedule.

1. Educational Lanes. Employees on the regular salary schedule who move from one educational lane to a higher educational lane shall move to the corresponding step on the higher lane. No employee shall move more than one vertical step per year. For an employee to advance from one educational lane to another at the beginning of the contract year, he/she shall file an intention form with the District Personnel Office no later than April 1 and submit suitable evidence of additional educational credit no later than August 15. Graduate level courses in education, or graduate level courses which pertain to the employee’s field of instruction, shall qualify an employee for advancement to a higher educational lane on the salary schedule. Other courses may qualify if approved in advance, in writing by the building principal. All credits earned for advancement must be graduate credits. To advance on the salary schedule, all employees must meet the minimum requirements for recertification set by the Department of Education.

D. Method of Payment.

1. Pay Periods. Effective September 1, 2004, each employee will be paid 12 equal installments on the first working day of each month. The first payment each year shall be made on September 1 and the last payment on August 1. Employees shall receive their checks by automatic deposit or in sealed envelopes at their regular buildings during the school year or by regular mail to their residences or other designated address during the summer months.

E. Extended Contract.

1. An employee assigned duties exceeding one hundred and ninety-two days as a part of their individual contract for the regular school year shall be notified in writing as to the nature and duration of their assignment before June 1 proceeding the contract year in which the days shall be worked.

2. The salary schedule is based on the regular school calendar. Any employee whose assignments exceed the regular contract work year and hours as a part of their individual contract for the regular school year, and whose assignments are not covered by the supplemental salary schedule; will be compensated on a per diem rate as follows: 1/192nd of the annual salary, and hours shall be a pro-rated portion of their per diem rate.

F. Additional Revenues. In the event that the District receives additional funds specifically allocated to improve the salaries of the employees covered by this agreement, negotiations shall be reopened for Articles XII, XIII, the Salary Schedule, and the Supplemental Pay Schedules for the High School and the Middle School in order to negotiate the method of distributing the additional funds. Additional Board costs for IPERS, FICA, Workers' Compensation Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance, and any other Board costs caused by an increase in salaries shall be included in the additional funds.

G. Wages and Salaries. Curriculum Development: Employees whom the administrators select to participate in the process of writing and developing curriculum will be compensated at the rate of $25.00 per hour.

H. Late Resignation: An employee who returns a signed individual teaching contract or contract modification to the Board for the following year and then is released from that contract, or who is released from an individual teaching contract after June 15 even though a signed individual contract or contract modification has not been returned to the Board, shall be liable for the actual newspaper advertising expenses incurred by the Board in seeking a suitable replacement.