Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Safety Clause, Article XIII MASTER CONTRACT



A. Compliance: The District has the responsibility to comply with all Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations in the maintaining a safe workplace.

B. Notification: Whenever an employee observes or otherwise becomes aware of an unsafe or hazardous condition or circumstance in the workplace, he/she has the responsibility to notify the superintendent of schools or designee immediately.

If the unsafe or hazardous condition or circumstance persists after the superintendent or designee has been notified, the employee may exercise the options available under state and federal laws and regulations.

C. Use of Reasonable Force: An employee is authorized by Section 280.21 of the Code of Iowa to use reasonable force (as defined in Section 704.1 of the Code of Iowa) for the protection of the employee, a student or several students; to obtain the possession of a weapon or other dangerous object under a student’s control; or for the protection of property.