Monday, May 19, 2008

LCEA Executive Board Seeks More Member Input on Arbitration Vote.


Attention LCEA Members
Please Share Your Thoughts with Us
on this Important LCEA Decision

After an emergency meeting to discuss the "pros and cons" of arbitration, the LCEA Executive Board has decided to gather more information from our membership.

The choices we have are the following:

A) Accept $900.00 on the base increase proposed by the district at mediation.
  • our offer was $1000.00 at the start of mediation;
  • $950.00 at the end of mediation;
  • $925.00 on a post mediation offer on May 5th;
  • $915.00 compromise made by the PERB (Public Employee Relations Baord) in an attempt to settle the contract;
  • Our PERB $915.00 offer was rejected by the board.
B) Proceed to arbitration at $950.00 base increase--LCEA proposal.
  • At arbitration the arbitrator has two choices-- be aware that the arbitrator can only choose one of these two arbitration offers--not in between.
  • $950.00 LCEA arbitration offer
  • $850.00 LC Board proposal.
If arbitration is chosen, it is imperative that ALL members be in attendance. We need to show the arbitrator that we have the support of our membership. The "arbitration hearing" is set for Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 4:00 PM in the Middle School Library.

YOUR FEEDBACK IS NECESSARY BY WEDNESDAY, as we will be meeting after school to make a final decision Any confusion or questions?? PLEASE CONTACT YOUR BUILDING LEVEL ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES.

Your email or "in person" comments, questions, recommendations are appreciated.