Thursday, May 1, 2008

ISEA President Makes Third Visit to Lewis Central

ISEA President Linda Nelson Makes Visit to Titan Hill Intermediate School on Her "Farewell Tour"

ISEA President, Linda Nelson, on a four year leave from her position as an Elementary Teacher from Carter Lake Elementary School, treated many Titan Hill Students to a reading during as part of her "farewell tour" as ISEA President on April 23, 2008.

President Nelson's planned visit to LC last year was sidetracked by an "unexpected snowstorm" that hit Southwest Iowa. Like many things with this awesome leader for our organization, Linda made well on her promise to give Titan Hill a little more attention than she was allowed to do during her visit in the Spring of 2006 where she visited every building in the district during her one day swing of every building in the district. Each building also hosted several events for Linda.

Titan Hill teachers treated Linda to a breakfast, showed her the improvements made to the building, and then invited her into classrooms to share her special talents and favorite books with
students at Titan Hill.

These pictures are from President Nelson's visit to Susan Drustrup's classroom. The eager students loved our ISEA President's reading.
Later that night, Linda was "treated" to a roast from her friends at a "roast" from Southwest Uniserv Unit.

We are lucky here in Southwest Iowa to have Linda moving into our school district as she returns to the classroom as a science and math interventionist for "at risk" students.
Linda has visited literally hundreds and hundreds of buildings throughout and hundreds of communities in Iowa.

Lewis Central was a proud supporter of Linda Nelson during her two campaigns to become ISEA President. She has certainly served the students and teachers of Iowa with great distinction. We can't wait to have her back in our ranks. Who knows... Maybe we'll recruit her to run for our own school board.