Saturday, August 25, 2007

Welcome Back Team LCEA

Welcome Back to a Great Year for Team LCEA

We would like to thank all of you for helping us take care of our membership campaign so quickly. Like last year, our membership has increased. Your investement in yourself and in the profession are greatly appreciated. It is our membership that gives us voice when advocating for public education and children. So, thank you for contributing to the advancement of our profession.

We hope that your first days of school have been good ones. Please know that your fellow LCEA teammates are here for you. Please help us make our local professional Association successful by getting involved in our plans to celebrate our successes locally.

Team LCEA would like to welcome all of our new colleagues:

High School: Chris Bryant, Tamra Nally, Joe Vinchattle, Ron Siske, Linda Huber, Kay Phillips, Roxanne Wiles, Mary Jane Agan

Middle School: Susis Catlett, Breanne Hedrick, Kelly Cox, Barb Jones

Titan Hill: Sarah Dundson, Stephanie Greve, Jennifer Kerber, Nicole Friedrichsen

Kreft: Lori Lynn Ahrends, Michelle Schaeffer, Betty Schmoldt

A big thank you for everything you've done over the summer, in your classrooms and in your building to make Lewis Central ready for great learning.

If you're new to the profession or you'd like to review a few pointers, please take a chance to skim the following guide developed for you by the ISEA Southwest Iowa Uniserv Directors:

Southwest Uniserv Unit's Guide for New Teachers