Friday, August 17, 2007

Opportunity to Tie Class Projects to Real Service Men and Women, Also a Great Community Service Project for

In an email sent to state leaders, ISEA President Linda Nelson passed on this opportunity for your to consider tying into a unit of curriculum or to use as a service project for your students. Although ISEA is not a co-sponsor, we thought you might enjoy the opportunity. In her email, Linda writes:

Here at ISEA I receive many different types of promotions in the mail as you can well imagine. Sometimes I save them and share with the Executive Board, other times I forward them to Lana in Communications. And other times, some actually go right into the recycling box!

I have no idea if this is a worthy project, but wanted to share it with you. You decide whether you keep it or trash it! Rather than make copies of their flyer, I went to their website & cut and pasted the following info.

Linda Nelson,
ISEA President

About My Soldier


Active U.S. Army Second Lieutenant Juan Salas, a naturalized US citizen originally from Venezuela, served for almost two years in Iraq, where he saw active combat duty and was commended for his part in saving the life of a child.

His mission was to “win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.” “It was long,” says Salas. “But the thing that kept me going was getting letters. From kids, boy scouts, students. A letter was like a piece of gold. Something you will keep for the rest of your life.” When he got back to Manhattanville College, he wanted to help his fellow soldiers still serving overseas.

He brought this idea to Manhattanville College President Richard A. Berman and college administrator Anne Gold, who were determined to find a way for Manhattanville to help. Together, and with the help of other students and Manhattanville staff, Salas and Berman devised My Soldier. To read more, click here!


By enrolling in the My Soldier program, you agree to “adopt” a deployed United States Armed Serviceperson. Your support should consist of periodic upbeat letters or emails to the soldier contact we will provide to you.

Upon enrollment, you will be able to download a My Soldier Starter Kit. It contains detailed instructions on how to begin as well as letter writing guidelines from co-founder Sgt Juan Salas. Typically, the soldier then replies and direct correspondence begins (about 50% of soldiers respond, but 100% appreciate getting the letters).

Participants may also choose to send care packages, which are greatly appreciated (but not expected) by the soldiers. If your soldier is unable to write back for five weeks or redeploys home and you wish to adopt another service member we will provide another soldier for you to correspond with.