Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Membership on the Rise...AGAIN!



The Lewis Central Auditorium lobby was buzzing with excitement, laughter and strong teamwork on our opening day.

Membership Chair Kim Muta and the LCEA Executive Board were busy helping current members with their continuing memberships and doing a fantastic job in signing up new members.
Executive Board members had the commons decorated with several different customized, full color signs welcoming our teammates to a FANTASTIC START TO 2007.

All teachers were met at the door with handshakes, full-color fliers, tickets for the cash door prizes, and other Association literature as Lewis Central kicked off its district wide meeting on Monday August 20, 2007.

Membership Chair Kim Muta' s organization of membership materials allowed members to find their buildings quickly. Those working the tables were experts at helping members update their membership records. Perhaps most impressive, though, was the focus on PAC contributions to ISEA. The entire LCEA Executive Board is excited about our team's focus on helping ISEA & NEA elect pro-public education advocates.

Executive Board members wore fake $50.00 bills to promote the cash prize given away at the end of the LCEA meeting. Teachers took their tickets with some excitement. Several administrators asked if they were eligible.

Past-President Maggie Bennett made arrangements for Nancy Haig of NEA Member Benefits present to visit with members about the many benefits their membership at their disposal. This picture shows Nancy before the mass of educators surrounded her table and learned about the many "other" benefits of joining the Lewis Central Education Team.

The Association purchased Titan wear for all of our new colleagues so that they can enjoy our TITAN DAYS and activities with good looking clothing featuring our school mascot.

One of the highlights of the morning was the welcome given by LCEA President Sharon Crawley who spoke of the need for everyone to contribute to our cause in improving our by improving internal and external communications and by getting everyone involved; Membership Chair Kim Muta who explained the significance of the work done at the state and national level by our lobbyist and how our victories were secured with hard work and PAC contributions; and Total Quality Committee Chair who spelled out the hard won victories of ISEA with our new law and an explanation of the committee's work.

This was followed by the awarding of our cash prize which kept our teammates in their chairs to hear all the important news for the upcoming year. Considering teachers were free to go, we were excited that almost every single educator stayed for the meeting.

LCEA's customized, color tri-fold brochures outlined how a little planning and use of the ISEA Access Card could pay for their dues and also touted ISEA's Victory in the Teacher Quality Act.

Donuts, rolls, coffee and a bunch of teachers excited about "freebies" and getting started on the first day helped kick the year off well for the Association.

The evening before, the LCEA Executive Board hosted a new teachers picnic. Good food, drink and fellowship was shared by the new teachers who had the chance to meet and visit their colleagues and local Association leaders. Having dinner for them and their families on the night before school started, gave the hard working new members of Team LCEA a chance to escape the duties of preparing an evening meal.

Contacting our new colleagues several times and early in the summer helped our new friends understand that the Association is not a piece of paper, but a living breathing team that is present to support and celebrate their transition and success.

Children from the families enjoyed the desserts, some playing and getting to know each other.

The Association also was present on the "first day" with new teachers: meeting and greeting them at the door, sharing literature with them and helping them feel at home in their new home away from home.

With 21 new positions, the LCEA had its work cut out for them. Two years of increased membership bodes well for the work of our entire team: governmental relations, negotiations, public relations, scholarship committee members, contract maintenance, instructional advocacy and more. Thanks for investing in your profession!

Excellent work to everyone who worked so hard to make this first step in our on-going membership campaign as success. We're very excited to get the rest of our potential members on-board. It takes everyone to make a team really successful.

Thank goodness Kim and Sharon had done some great planning. With payroll deduction forms due on Wednesday August 22, there wasn't much time to seal Phase I of our "We Need Every Player to Have a Strong Team" campaign.