Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Teacher Quality Committees

Duties of teacher quality committees

SF 277 requires each district and AEA to create a teacher quality committee with an equal representation of administrators and teachers. The size of the committee is determined at the local level. The law does allow the ISEA local association and the school board to mutually agree to assign these responsibilities to an existing district committee (such as a professional development, curriculum, and/or school improvement committee) or they may agree to allow an existing committee to advise the teacher quality committee.

The law specifies the following duties of the teacher quality committee:

• Monitor the local implementation of the Student Achievement and Teacher Quality program.

• Monitor the district teacher evaluation requirements to ensure they are conducted in a fair and consistent manner throughout the school district or agency.

• Determine the use and distribution of professional development funds based on the school district/agency, attendance center, and individual teacher development plans. The committee must follow the Iowa Professional Development Model.

• Monitor the professional development in each attendance center.

• Make recommendations regarding the expenditure of market factor incentives.