Friday, August 9, 2013

NEA Back to School Guide

Educator-tested tips, advice, and resources for a successful start to the school year. Students may still be enjoying their summer vacations, but for educators, the beginning of the next school year is just around the corner. NEA editors have compiled a list of our best articles and resources to help you - whether new or veteran - get ready for the fall semester. 


Classroom Beautiful: Do It Yourself  8 veteran educators share photos of their classroom and tips on how to organize your space for better learning.

Assessing Your Space  What to consider when planning your classroom setup.

Using a Theme  An elementary school teachers shares advice for decorating a classroom around a theme.

Stocking the Classroom—For Free  Savvy educators' tips on scoring no-cost classroom resources.


Classroom Survival Kit  NEA members recommend must-have items for the classroom.

33 Ways to Start the First Year Off Right  A little planning before school begins can pay big dividends throughout the school year.

NEA's Custom Lesson Plan Search Engine  We've customized a Google search engine with 1,000s of lesson plans from across the Web, each one hand-picked and vetted by our Search Editor.


Setting Up Rules and Routines
Ways to keep things running smoothly so you have more time to teach.
Discipline Tips from Drama Teachers
Your classroom is your stage. Use it to command attention and respect from students.
Strategies for Better Bus Behavior  How one savvy driver turns her troublemakers into helpers.
Management Tips for New Teachers  Learn how to bring order to the classroom, establish a positive climate, and reach your students.
Getting to Know Each Other  Aids and activities to help teachers and students learn about each other in the busy first days of school.
Ask an Expert  Need help with a specific classroom management problem? Post your question on our Classroom Management discussion board and receive an answer from a master teacher. While there, you can also advise your other help-seeking colleagues.
Why Middle School Students Can’t Stop Talking  And how you can accommodate them to keep things running.
Classroom Disruptors
What to do about out-of-control kids? Your colleagues share their strategies.
Breaking Up Fights  Basic techniques for school personnel.
Social Skills Kids Need to Succeed
Why we should teach manners and etiquette in school.

Meet the Parents  Forge a strong partnership with parents by meeting them on their own turf.
Welcoming ELL Parents into the Classroom  Having trouble engaging your ELL parents? Just follow along for our teacher-tested strategies.
Parent-Teacher Conferences  Preparing for and conducting successful conferences.
The Overzealous Parent Strategies for working with helicopter parents.
Bringing Parents in the Picture
Building partnerships that last beyond back-to-school night.
Dealing with Irate Parents  What to do when Mom and Dad are furious over Ashley's failing grade? Advice from your colleagues.

Works4Me  Practical classroom tips written by teachers, for teachers. Browse online, search for a specific topic, or sign-up for a weekly email and have the best tips delivered to your inbox.
NEA Online Community
Share advice, tips, questions, or opinions on NEA’s discussion boards. Topics range from advice for thwarting cheaters to getting students interest in P.E. classes.

A Beginner's Guide To Teaching   The three-minute lunch and 9 other tips you didn't learn in college.
Caption This!  Try your hand at writing funny captions for our cartoons or read the submissions of your colleagues.

Um, You, Over There ... is that Megan or Margaret?
A veteran educator struggles to remember students’ names.