Sunday, August 18, 2013

E-Dues and You

It's  truly sad that many of America's legislatures have waged war against unions.  Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina and many others have seen attacks on their collective bargaining, dues deduction and the laws that protect public employees and their hard-earned rights.

It used to be true that although the parties disagreed about the best approach to public education that they supported the idea of public education.  That is no longer true with many radicals looking to sell the cornerstone of our democracy to the highest bidder.

One of the first things that legislatures and governors due when they win control of both chambers of their legislatures is to "immediately" remove dues deduction.  The unorganized and unprepared frequently see a drastic blow to membership and the collective voice that unions provide America's educators.  As a result, those who want to "stay at the table" and avoid "being on the menu" have circumvented this with e-dues payment for membership.

There are a variety of good reasons that Lewis Central has joined in this push: (1) we want to protect our state and local Association that is currently guarded by a single vote in the senate; (2) your dues deduction is split over 12 months vs. 10 months; (3) the school district no longer has a list of who is a member and who is not; (4) it puts your dues dollars in the same category as your cable bill, car payment, electric bill and simplifies bill paying; (5) you directly see your monthly contributions without the help of a middle-man.

Please join us in becoming an e-dues LCEA member.  Want to know more?  CLICK HERE for FAQs about e-dues.