Monday, August 19, 2013

LCEA Welcomes 18 Colleagues to the LCEA Team

The LCEA is excited to welcome our 18 new and one returning colleagues to the classrooms of Lewis Central Schools and to the Lewis Central Education Association team.

We know that as they join our team, they are committed to our Association's passion of positively changing the lives of our students and preparing each of our students for a successful life.

As we already know that you will do your best to help them in their transition and know that you will do whatever you can to make their transition to LC a pleasant and uneventful one, we ask you to share from your supplies and materials reserves

We are excited to have these enthusiastic new and veteran educators join the Lewis Central Education Association team in advocating for a quality public education for each of our students.

The LCEA will welcome them to the district at a picnic Sunday, August 11, 2013 at Dave and Kelly Bergman's home, we will be giving them some complimentary Titan gear, sharing our referral guide, offering them help in moving, offering them a tour of the district, and even more.

  • Christian Carper, Family & Consumer Science, begins his career at Lewis Central High School.  Christian is a graduate of Iowa State University.
  • Molly Clark, Language Arts, launches her career at Lewis Central High School.  Molly is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa.
  • Katie Coltrain, Spanish, comes to Lewis Central after four years at Ottumwa Community School District and two years at Cardinal Community School district in Eldon, Iowa.
  • Daniel Craney, Industrial Technology, brings 32 years of experience Lewis Central's team after 15 years at Springfield Platteview Community School District in Springfield, Nebraska and 17 years at Millard North High School in Millard, Nebraska.
  • Katie Klosterbuer, Family & Consumer Science, launches her teaching career at Lewis Central High School.
  • Kailey Mangum, Special Education, begins here career as she becomes a Titan.
  • Suzann Morin-Steffen, Alternative Education, shares 17 years of experience from Westside Community School District and other districts with the LC Team.
  • Alyssa Wallace, Math, continues her career at Lewis Central after two years with the Council Bluffs Community School District.
  • Kim Denning, Special Education, joins Lewis Central's team after teaching for two years in the Glenwood Community School district.
  • Danielle Guntly, Social Studies, begins her teaching career at Lewis Central Middle School.
  • Hannah Haarhues-Casey, Science, brings her experience from Hills College all the way from down under in Australia to Lewis Central.  Before that, Hannah taught for eight years at Riverside High School in Oakland, Iowa.
  • Clara Luquette, Guidance Counselor, brings 24 years of experience to Lewis Central. She has four years of experience from Council Bluffs Community Schools and 20 years of experience in Texas.
  • Burke Swenson, STEM Educator, brings 19 years of experience with him to Lewis Central.  He spent six years in Oakland, Iowa, eight years in Iowa Falls, a year at Carroll High School and four years at New Hampton.
  • Carrie Trecek, Language Arts/Literacy, begins her teaching career at Lewis Central High School.
  • Aubrey Eckhart, Fifth Grade, begins her career at Titan Hill.
  • Laurie Kammrad, Fourth Grade, is back at LC after a year in Council Bluffs Community Schools.
  • Alison Nurre, Fourth Grade, launchers her career at Titan Hill.
  • Tina O'Donnell, Fourth Grade, brings 20 years of experience to Lewis Central after 16 years at St.  Alberts, a year at Council Bluffs Community Schools, and three years at Holy Name Elementary School.
  • Amber McGreevy, Kindergarten, joins Kreft Elementary after four years at Council Bluffs Community Schools and four years in the Waterloo Community School District.