Thursday, August 1, 2013

NEA Member Benefits: NEA DUES TAB

NEA DUES-TAB: Free automatic coverage for all members. All members can take advantage of the valuable, automatic life insurance coverage provided by NEA DUES-TAB. It’s a guaranteed benefit provided at no cost to Active, Staff, Reserve and Life** members by the NEA Members Insurance Trust®. All one has to do is register his or her beneficiary for:
• Up to $1,000 of life insurance
• Up to $5,000 of accidental death and dismemberment coverage
• Up to $50,000 of AD&D insurance for any covered accident that occurs while on the job or
while serving as an Association leader
• $150,000 coverage if death is caused by homicide which occurs while the eligible member is engaged in any activity in the express or implied terms of the member’s occupation.
• NEA-Retired members are able to receive the $50,000 benefit associated with Accidental Death & Accidental Dismemberment caused by an accident or assault while acting on Association business in the capacity of Association leader.

** Life members must be actively employed in the field of education in order to be eligible for the DUES-TAB benefit.

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