Thursday, August 30, 2012

Works for Me: Tips for Teachers by Teachers August 30, 2012

Multi-Purpose Scotch Tape
From May Ryan:
Ms. Ryan has a roll of packaging tape in her teacher tool belt. She's found an inventive way to hang her posters securely to the wall without ripping the poster when it's time to take it down. Read about her secret tape trick, and you'll keep a roll of tape in your belt too.

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Family Maps
From Gretchen Shogren
A secondary guided study teacher at Bren Road School in MTKA, Minnesota:
Ms. Shogren puts her students on the map! Read about how she breaks the ice at the start of the school year by marking on a large map where her students traveled during the summer or where their family members live.

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Enlarged Mouse Pads
From Nancy Lynn Sharpless
A technology education teacher at Tappan Middle School in Michigan:
Her young students sometimes have difficulty keeping their mice on their pads, so Ms. Sharpless came up with a unique, inexpensive solution that helps students point, click and scroll with ease. Find out how she did it.

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Featured Post: Teacher Survival Kit
From Diane Postman
A teacher from Yorktown, Virginia:
When I taught I kept the following in my classroom: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, deodorant, Tylenol, Tums, almonds, water, granola bars, fruit, hand lotion, band aids, safety pins, a hair band, nail clippers, and, of course, chocolate.

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Question of the Week: Effective Math Drills
From The Worker Bees:
We're looking for exciting math drills that build your students' confidence and fluency in math. Are flashcard partners a practice of the past, or have they stood the test of time? What interactive ways do your students drill each other to master basic math facts?

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