Friday, August 10, 2012

Works for Me: Tips for Teachers by Teachers August 10, 2012

Classroom Management Basics

From Kate Ortiz
A teacher from Chariton, Iowa:
There are some classroom management principles that work regardless of grade level. Ms. Ortiz suggests seven behavior basics that any teacher can use to set the stage for a successful classroom and an unforgettable year.

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Quiet Story

From Diane Postman
A teacher in Yorktown, Virginia:

To help your K-2 students understand how much more they can learn when they listen, Ms. Postman suggests having them write a brief scripted story about being quiet (she offers a sample script of her own).

She also uses the stories as reminders of proper noise levels throughout the school year. Learn more about how she does it.

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Jumping Words
From Patti Tabor
A third grade teacher at Clarkson Elementary School in Clarkson, Kentucky:

Ms. Tabor helps her early readers stay focused by using her own inexpensive, homemade reading aids, which also double as bookmarks. Students say they make words jump off the page. Discover how you can make and use them too.

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Featured Post: Changing Class Level
From Linda F.
A third-grade teacher at Clarkson Elementary School in Clarkson, Kentucky:

Linda has been assigned to 3rd-grade classroom after numerous years of teaching higher grade levels. Her strategies for classroom management, discipline, and teaching were all honed pretty well. But now with younger students, she's looking for advice and suggestions on how to approach her new 3rd-grade class.

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Question of the Week: Inspirational Quotes
From The Worker Bees:

A good motivational quote can start the day off on the right foot. Do you use quotes in your daily routine to inspire and build character in your students? How do you incorporate literary quotations from the masters in your classroom?

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