Friday, August 3, 2012

LCEA at the Table for Governor's Symposium on Teacher and Principal Leadershipo

The Iowa Teacher and Principal Leadership Symposium was held Friday, August 3, at Drake University in Des Moines. LCEA members Tom McLaughlin and Kim McLaughlin represented Southwest Uniserv District and the LCEA at the event.

The Symposium was an extension of the conversation that began last July at Governor Branstad's 2011 Education Summit. This summer's Symposium will focused on the idea of teacher leadership roles and new career paths and will further extend the conversation of the newly appointed Teacher Performance, Compensation, and Career Development Task Force.

We encourage you to ask Tom and Kim about the conference and add your own thoughts, discussion, insights and expertise to the on-going conversation. You are the experts with the hands-on experiences and ideas that need to be heard. The ISEA has several panelists presenting and we are pleased that this Symposium has a more Iowa-focused speaker list than the Summit. We do recognize that while Iowa has many leadership opportunities currently in practice in school districts across the state, it is also important to hear what other systems offer.
We hope you will be able to attend the Iowa Teacher and Principal Leadership Symposium. We always believe it is better for educators to be at the table when important topics about your profession are being discussed! For more information about how to register for the Symposium, click here.