Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can We Talk?
From Patricia Pason
A fifth grade teacher at Spring Creek Elementary in Spring Creek, Nevada:
Ms. Parson's students interview each other on the first day of school. She divides them up by their birthdays so friends don't pair up together. Read more about her classroom interview process and the bulletin board she creates with her mini reporters.

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Capturing School Experiences
From Martha Richardson
A kindergarten teacher at Grady School in Grady, New Mexico:
The school year is filled with special, unforgettable moments, especially for younger students. Ms. Richardson has a unique way of making sure parents can share in these moments, and all it takes is a disposable camera, which she asks students to bring as part of their school supplies.

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Communication from Beginning to End
From Mellanay P. Auman
A language arts teacher at Townsend Middle School in Tucson, Arizona:
The first week of school, Ms. Auman sends a brief questionnaire to her students' parents. It helps her learn more about her students, but more importantly it opens dialogue with parents. It's one of many activities she uses to keep parents engaged and informed throughout the entire school year.

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Team Teaching
From Angela Y.:
A language arts teacher at Townsend Middle School in Tucson, Arizona:
Angela is a special education teacher who teams with an English teacher to instruct an eleventh-grade American Literature course - and she loves it. She shares a few of the key factors that contribute to their team-teaching success, and she reflects on why previous team teaching experiences have not fared so well.

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Question of the Week: Grouping Students by Ability
From The Worker Bees:
Do you feel ability grouping improves or hinders student achievement? What do you find works best in your classroom? Do you teach to each group's level, or do your higher level students help the lower level students understand in a mixed ability group? What do you find are the pros and cons of each?

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