Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Teacher Quality Committee Minutes September 5, 2008

LEWIS CENTRAL Teacher Quality Committee—Official Meeting Minutes Educational Resource Center Wednesday, September 5, 2007

1. Call to order and roll call
Present: Dave Black, Jeanne Bartholow, Chuck Story, Laurie Thies, Kim Jones, Kim Muta, Tom McLaughlin, Barb Motes, Pat Thomas, Al Lorenz, Linda Hahn, Barb Grell
Absent: Sean Dunphy, Kent Stopak, Marilyn Wandersee, Mark Schweer

2. Approval of the September 5, 2007, agenda
Tom McLaughlin moved that the agenda be approved, Chuck Story seconded the motion, and it passed.

3. Review the requirements of SF 277 with regard to this Committee
* Establish the committee—This appears to be done.
* Ensure that the negotiated agreement determines the compensation of the teachers on
the committee
* Function within the Open Meetings Law
* Monitor PD (Professional Development) plans
* Determine the use and distribution of 277 PD funds—For our information, Dave Black
shared that one day of District PD costs more than $53,000.
* Monitor implementation of SF277 with regard to Chapter 20 (negotiated agreement)
* Recommend market factor incentives to the Board and LCEA—With last year’s
money, the total for this pot of funds is approximately $34,000.

4. Formalize the committee structure/facilitation
The taking of the minutes is a question mark at this point. By consensus, the Committee agreed that the administrative members will investigate the use of classified staff (specifically, District office personnel) for this purpose. Compensation for the classified staff will have to be determined.

5. Establish ground rules for committee operation
Open Meetings Law allows for the possibility of an audience. By consensus, the Committee agreed to handle audiences as the Board does. The agenda will include an opportunity for audience members to speak, and audience members will be limited in how long they may address the Committee.

6. Determine calendar for the year and procedures for adding or deleting meetings
By consensus, the Committee decided to delete the September 26 meeting. In order to study the IPDM (Iowa Professional Development Model) and hear from building administrators about their plans for PD, the Committee agreed to meet on October 10 at 4:30 for the purpose of studying the IPDM, to attend the Board meeting on October 15 at 6:30 for the purpose of hearing the building principals’ presentations on PD, and to meet on October 17 at 4:30 to discuss the building PD plans in relationship to IPDM. The Committee also decided to finalize the meeting schedule as the year progresses rather than trying to set a year’s worth of meetings right now. The nature of the work will affect how often, when, and for how long the Committee will need to meet.

7. Establish agenda communication and posting procedures
By consensus, the Committee agreed that Anna Boehm in the District office will distribute agendas for upcoming meetings to the same media outlets the Board uses. Copies of agendas will be distributed for in-building posting within the District, and the agenda will be posted on the LCEA website.

8. Determine procedures for documenting committee meetings (minutes) and the distribution of minutes
By consensus, the Committee agreed that the same posting procedures for agendas would be followed for minutes, with the exception of distributing minutes to the media.

9. Determine decision making process(es)
For procedural matters, the Committee will make decisions by consensus, with the understanding that a Committee member may request a vote. For matters involving resources, the Committee will vote. In the event of absences that create an imbalance, member/s will agree to sit out during the vote in order to create a balance. In that case, a roll call vote will be taken.

10. Establish and forward a recommendation for compensation rate and compensation procedures for the teachers on the committee
Tom McLaughlin moved that the Committee recommend a letter of agreement between the Board and LCEA that would compensate the teachers on the Committee by paying them $22.50 per hour for work beyond contract hours and paying them a per diem rate for work during non-contract days. Kim Muta seconded the motion. A roll call vote was unanimous: Dave Black, yes; Jeanne Bartholow, yes; Laurie Thies, yes; Kim Jones, yes; Kim Muta, yes; Tom McLaughlin, yes; Linda Hahn, yes; Barb Grell, yes.

11. Identify procedures for studying the IPDM and LC Professional Development plans
By consensus, the Committee agreed that Dave Black will contact AEA 13 about having an expert on IPDM to be available on Oct. 10 for the committee’s study and discussion of IPDM.

12. Adjournment
Al Lorenz moved that the meeting be adjourned at 6:20.