Sunday, September 16, 2007

Iowa Department of Education Releases Total Quality Initiative Amounts

LCEA Total Quality Committee to Meet Again September 5, 2007

This was originally posted on the LCEA Insider Site on 8/29/2007. It has been reposted on this date to place it higher on the front page for LCEA members and to include LC Total Quality Committee minutes.

CLICK HERE to read the Total Quality Committee "Unofficial Minutes" 9-5-2007 Meeting

You've read about the ISEA's success in securing the historic Teacher Quality monies for Iowa's educators. We can now share the amounts with you and will be able to share more with you as the process develops. Your voice continues to be important in this process.

ISEA SWUU Director John Phillips created the "Three Buckets Total Quality Facts Sheet" to help communicate the fact that the money is designed to be distributed in three specific ways. The largest amount is ear-marked for salaries, the second amount is a sizeable amount for professional development and the third designated amount is a small amount for "Market Pay Initiatives."

As SWUU Director Pat Shipley put it last night, "...there's the daddy bucket, the momma bucket and the baby bucket." These monies must be spent in the areas that they are designed to support.

Please take the time to check out the "Three Buckets Total Quality Monies Fact Sheet" handout below developed by John Phillips. This has been picked up by ISEA and will be used in continued training throughout the state.

In terms of distriubtion, the Total Quality Committeee does not decide how the monies are distributed on the salary schedule. Those monies are handled by the negotiation's team of LCCS and the LCEA. Allocating the professional development monies is one of the tasks that the LC Total Quality Committee is charged to accomplish.

Your dues dollars and contributions to ISEA's PAC made this reponsible. We now have a voice in how professional development plans are handled at the district and attendance centers. Our dues dollars underwrite our staff members who lobby the legislature on our profession's behalf. Our PAC dollars that elect "pro-public educaton" candidates also played a huge role in us being successful in turning the Teacher Quality bill into law.

Please feel free to check out the spreadsheets provided to us courtesy of ISEA and the IDOE. Please feel free to contact members of the LCEA Total Quality Committee with questions, concerns, issues to clarify and information.

Our committee will be meeting Wednesday September 5, 2007 to begin the important discussions of how monies are distributed and how we should focus new professional development endeavors funded by the state.

CLICK HERE to read the Three Buckets of Total Quality Fact Sheet

CLICK HERE to read the Teacher Quality Monies: Educator Quality Salary Allocations 2007-2008.xls

CLICK HERE to read the Teacher Quality Monies: Professional Development Allocations 2007-2008.xls

CLICK HERE to read the Teacher Quality Monies: Market Pay Allocations 2007-2008.xls

CLICK HERE to read the Career Path Electronic Worksheet 2007-08.xls