Thursday, September 13, 2007

LCEA Executive Board Meeting Minutes September 13, 2007

LCEA Meeting Minutes
Date: 9/13/2007
Place: High School—Room 403
Time: 4:15

Roll Call: Sharon Crawley, Kim Muta, Jennifer Doorlag, Maggie Bennett, Dave Bergman (absent)
HS Reps: Tom McLaughlin, Allison Towne
MS Reps: Margot Argotsinger (absent), Beth Frank, Al Lorenz, Barb Motes
TH Reps: Susan Drustrup (absent), Maggie Miller, Jennifer Hake
Kreft Reps: Kathy Moe, Melinn Ruzicka, Tara York

Approval of Agenda:
Barb Motes moved that the agenda be moved as amended (adding flashdrive and blog to new business), Allison Towne seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Secretary’s Report/ Approval of Minutes: Kim Muta
* First meeting—no approval needed.

Treasurer’s Report: Jen Doorlag/Bill Agan
• Jen Doorlag still needs a signature card. She’s waiting for the bank to send forms. Beth Frank and Bill Agan can sign things. Barb Motes moved that the report be accepted, Allison Towne seconded the motion, and it passed. (See attached report.)
• Receipt from Sharon Crawley for treats. It did not require action.
• Beth Frank said that Sharon Crawley should get an envelope about the treasurer’s report needing to be audited. It usually needs to be done by November.

Negotiations: Beth Frank
* Meeting for training is at the end of this month. After that we’ll send out surveys. November is when things really take off.

TQC: Barb Motes
• Barb Motes shared what happened at the first meeting, which consisted of procedural issues. She explained what the October meetings would focus on.
• Barb Motes explained the compensation of teachers, which requires a memorandum of understanding.
• Al Lorenz mentioned that we (LCEA) might be asked to help cover cost of secretaries to take minutes at meetings.
• Tom McLaughlin thanked Barb Motes for her work on this committee.

President’s Report: Sharon Crawley
• Open houses have been scheduled on top of LCEA meetings—three times this year. She’ll talk about this with Dr. Schweer.
• Everyone should have access to the master contract on the server, but the drive varies from building to building.
• Sharon Crawley asked if there is a policy about making minutes available to membership. Beth Frank noted the relevant info (agenda and minutes) in the LCEA Exec. Board policies. (Kim Muta will attach POST/DO NOT POST on materials sent to the Exec. Board members.)
• Sharon Crawley wants us to brainstorm ways to get non-active members more involved.

Committee Reports:
• High School: We have cameras in the computer labs. We like Mike Hale—our new athletic director. Kim Jones is doing a good job in her new position.
• Kreft: They met with their building administrator and will continue to do so once a month. The first meeting went well. Action was taken very quickly on some of the items.
• Middle School: There is a mold problem in the auditorium. Al Lorenz wants to know if that should be raised with Dr. Schweer. Tom McLaughlin said that conversation has begun because it is such a huge issue for Pam Ryan in particular. Al Lorenz asked Sharon Crawley to address it with Dr. Schweer also.
• Titan Hill: The reps had to leave for their open house.

Old Business:
• Discuss membership—Kim Muta sent out membership lists to each Exec. Board member.
• Committee for negotiation of Teacher Quality Money—Barb Motes and Beth Frank met with Pat Shipley—don’t need to approve new monies if we use the same method of distribution. Then Art Hill sent something about needing to arrange a new agreement. Beth Frank and Barb Motes plugged in the numbers according to past distribution. (See attached blue sheet.) Cells with $0.00 indicate no teacher in that cell.

New Business:
• Reps setting up monthly meetings with individual building principals—This would be a helpful thing to do to keep communication open.
• Ten minute meetings with members—This would be a good way to keep members informed about a variety of things.
• Flash drives and blog—Tom McLaughlin explained the flash drive pilot project. Then he explained the blog—

Beth Frank moved that the meeting be adjourned, Allison Towne seconded the motion, and the meeting was adjourned at 5:30.

CLICK HERE for a WORD version of LCEA Meeting Minutes 09.13.07