Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Keep the Pressure on Congress to Slow Down, Take the Time to Get ESEA Reauthorization Right

Thanks to our LCEA Cyber-lobbyists for your efforts & for your hard work! WITH YOUR HELP have made OUR voices heard on Capitol Hill. Now, we need to keep up the pressure. Make sure Congress knows that any ESEA reauthorization bill must:

(1) Reduce emphasis on standardized tests,

(2) Provide a common-sense accountability system that looks at the full picture of student and school achievement and takes into account the unique needs of individual students,

(3) Help reduce class sizes and modernize school facilities, and

(4) Reject any effort to tie teacher pay to test scores.

Continue to Contact Your Members of Congress Today. Our Letters Have Strength

Remind your Representatives in Congress about these important principles for ESEA reauthorization.