Sunday, September 26, 2010

Works for Me Starting School Tips by Teachers for Teachers 9/22

Whisper Reading

From Susan L., a retired teacher from Washington Unified School District:
“I have found that kids of all ages love "whisper reading" into a homemade "phone." Take a PVC plastic elbow shape and attach a 6" straight piece of PVC to each end. The lower part is for the student to talk in to. The upper part is either directed toward the student's ear so he can hear only himself reading or outward so others can hear him. This gives them a choice (which most kids love) and a fun way to read without being put on the spot. A whole class set cost me around $10-$15, or less if you have extra PVC from a past home improvement project. I spray mine with Lysol once in a while, or you can put them in the dishwasher.”
Open House Classroom Tour

From Diane Postman, a teacher in Yorktown, Virginia:

“Families are so excited, and perhaps overwhelmed, that they sometime miss seeing important things at your open house. I make a poster that tells them to look just a few key items. I put it on an easel that they will see when entering the room (though many still miss it). Then I do a scavenger hunt. I greet each family and give them a sheet of clues or directions which will get them to tour the room. It works pretty well. I also include photos to look at once they get home.”

Question of the Week: Managing Parent Volunteers

From The Worker Bees:
“At the start of the school year many parents offer to lend a hand in the classroom, but managing their involvement can be a challenge. How do you get the most help from them in the limited time they have to offer? Do you assess their strengths and weaknesses? Are you organized in such a way that when they arrive they don’t disrupt your teaching and can get right to their volunteer work?”

Bathroom Breaks

From Rachel Martin:

“I am having a rough time this year with bathroom breaks. I teach kindergarten, and I usually take students to the restroom twice a day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I have had at least two students go potty on themselves already. Any kindergarten teachers facing this problem?” from Verizon Foundation is an award-winning collection of thousands of free, premium lesson plans, interactives, multimedia resources and more in all core subject areas for grades K–12. Teachers can download lesson plans for whole class and small group instruction. Students can use the activities at classroom centers or for independent learning. And parents can also access the site to reinforce classroom learning at home. With content developed by the nation’s leading educational organizations, free professional development programs and a thriving online community, gives teachers engaging, easy-to-access, quality resources to enrich and expand instruction. Start using today!