Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pay for Your Dues with LCEA's Featured September NEA MB

Still not registered for NEA MB?  IT'S TIME!  Let's help you earn some money now that the dust has settled, we're up and running and you should check into all of the savings.  Scroll down the blog to check out "HOW TO" register.  Also check out LCEA's featured NEA Member Benefits.
Click the "READ MORE" tab right below this and follow these steps:

1. Go to the NEA Member Benefits web-site
2. Click on the REGISTER link
3. Register. You will need to use a PERSONAL e-mail address. Unfortunately, we cannot accept school e-mail addresses. You can get a free e-mail address from Google or Yahoo.
4. Write your password down.
5. Go back to the NEA Member Benefits web-site
6. Click LOG-IN, enter your e-mail and password, click GO!
7. Start using your NEA Member Benefits.

There's lots that we're featuring in September.  This includeds annuities, money markets and Gold CDs.

NEA Gold Certificate  Check out the NEA sponored Gold Certificate PDF HERE.
NEA Valubuilder  Get some advice about retirement planning with IRS Rules.  Read the newest 403B Rules & Regulations about reitrement.
NEA Money Market

If you haven't done so, you should check out our featured August NEA Member Benefits.
Have you checked out NEA MB Click & Save yet?