Thursday, August 12, 2010

LCEA Minutes--May 13, 2010

LCEA March Meeting Minutes
Date: 5/13/2010
Place: High School
Time: Meeting 2 for 2010-2011--4:55 PM

Officers: Barb Motes, Jennifer Doorlag, Tom McLaughlin, Angie Tucker
HS Reps: Dave Bergman, Allison Towne, Ruth Kreger (absent) , Kim McLaughlin, Sharon Crawley
MS Reps: Margot Argotsinger, Beth Frank, Al Lorenz, Dot Sillau
TH Reps: Lisa Scieszinski (absent), Joanna Stenlund, Kathy Dorsey, Farah Guetter
Kreft Reps: LoriAnn Brougham, Lee Dwyer

RACE TO THE TOP: The deadline to sign on as “partners” with the LCCS is Friday, May 14, 2010. There was substantial discussion on whether or not our group’s signature would endorse one of the four options for persistently low-achieving schools. That provision is not part of the second phase of Race to the Top. Phase II has vague language that at the end of the phase, those districts that take the money have to report student growth & that their pay is based on those numbers.
Concerns about tying pay to student performance was discussed. If we sign on are we saying ok to pay for performance. Although that’s not what the language says, some feel that that “is” what it says. ISEA state representatives on the different state committees for RTTT represent our members well, and there is confidence in the group in the people that represent us at the state level (T. McLaughlin). We need to send the message that we want to be involved, politically. What message do we send if we “refuse" to sit at the table after punitive measures are gone? We should make it clear that we sign on as “partners” with the board.

Bergman moves that the LCEA sign the Round II Race to the Top application, Sillau seconds. MOTION PASSES.

ISEA NEWS: ISEA argued last Friday in Polk County District Court that TSS/TQC funds that were stripped should be reinstated retroactively. The Polk County District Court Judge is giving ISEA/IASB and others until June 1st to file additional briefs in support of their respective arguments. A ruling is pending.
NEW TEACHER T-SHIRTS: Giving new teachers shirts on opening day was discussed. There was discussion about a “disconnect” with the Booster Club. There was a suggestion that LCEA work with the PTA on this (Stenlund).

Dorsey moves that LCEA give shirts to new teachers, Frank seconds. MOTION PASSES
LCEA SHIRTS: Shirts will be ordered by many of the LCEA Board members for 2010-2011. The plan for shirts is to make white cotton T-Shirts with the ISEA/LCEA logs on the upper left hand breast pocket. We hope to have these by our August AR Training.

2010-2011 LCEA MEMBER BENEFITS PROGRAM: Mary Grace Lee of NEA MB has been contacted and will assist us in our LCEA Member Benefits program each month. Some materials will be electronic; others will be in “paper” form. The plan starts in August runs through May. Building representatives will be in charge of distributing materials on specific calendar dates.

Bill Haigh, NEA Member Benefits/Valuebuilder/Annuities visited with the Board about assisting us in reaching financial goals. A packet was distributed that addresses different strategies to build a strong and healthy retirement. (pink packet)

LOCAL PROGRAM DIAGNOSIS: A checklist of effective local characteristics was passed out to the LCEA Board to consider as we plan program for next year. As time was late, the Executive Board will look through it on their own time and consider how we might improve program. A survey will be distributed to members and the response of the board and our members will prompt what we do at beginning of next year.

LCEA CONSTITUTION, BYLAWS & POLICIES: Our current Constitution, Bylaws and Policies do not reflect current practices. These must be revised as these documents govern the Association. The Constitution and Bylaws Committee will review these in small sections to that they review our current practices and more. The committee will be made up of T. McLaughlin-Ex-Officio, Brougham & Tucker--Kreft, Guetter—Titan Hill. We would like another representative from the Middle School.

2010/2011 PROGRAM: ISEA & NEA have many resources in unit offices and on the website to direct us in developing local program. There are several “to do” lists and packets of information on the NEA, ISEA website and in the offices to help local leaders make local decisions. ISEA also produces a monthly “Super Rep” packet that is sends out electronically. Several expressed concerns that the list arrives “too late” to use meaningfully. We will work to compile these in advance of next year. We are encouraged to “identify” one or two emerging leaders to assist us in active committee work for the upcoming year. We must begin building our future leaders.
NEW COMMITTEE: Barb Motes and Margie Argotsinger will head up our “Monthly Do-Dads Committee.” The committee will be take on the responsibility of providing members a “monthly” and “visible” LCEA thank you and visibility piece.
SUMMER CONTACT: Please provide Tom with your contact information and check your email.

SUMMER CONFERENCE: Will be held in Storm Lake, Iowa on August 3-5, 2010. Stenlund, T. McLaughlin & K McLaughlin will attend. SWUU Scholarships are still available. Let us know if you’d like to participate.

COMMITTEE & EXECUTIVE BOARD VACA3NCIES: We have two vacancies on the Teacher Quality Committee. Although we appoint members, we will seek self-nominations from the membership. We will use the vacancies to make the Teacher Quality a little more balanced in terms of building and grade level representation. Building Representatives are encouraged to send out email to general members to gauge interest. Questions on criteria to make our appointments was discussed. This was tabeled pending volunteers. We also need a new chair for Teacher Quality Committee.
Jennifer Doorlag’s LCEA Treasurer office is vacant next year as she has taken another position. Bylaws indicate that we need to hold a special election. Beth Frank volunteered to serve as interim LCEA Treasurer.

Mary Bleth has also taken another position. The board will approve an appointed replacement.

Titan Hill: There were several concerns voiced about the process of moving teachers around for next year. Each person needs to fill out a “LCEA Incident” form to share concerns about concerns, professional behavior and to document complaints. If there is no response at the lowest possible level of intervention, we will move forward to next step. LCEA must follow the chain of command if we expect the administration to respect the same process. Teachers need to document specific behaviors.
LoriAnn Brougham will check into our issue about payment for professional development and curriculum writing outside of the contract year.

ISEA offers free membership now until August 31st for all people who are not non-members. See sample message on the handout (orange sheet). Please forward to potential members in each building with the sample language or a short note.
FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS: None were submitted.

MATERIALS TO DISTRIBUTE IN EACH BUILDING WASD DISTRIBUTED: ISEA cards, stuff to put on lunch tables, folders…Penalties for Public Service folder.
Motion to Adjourn: Motion—Bergman moved adjournment, Brougham seconded. Motion passed.

Submitted respectfully,
Angie Tucker