Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrating the Accomplishments & Benefits of Your LCEA Membership

Although our most important work is in the classroom, it is only a part of our job.  Advocating for our students, programs in our schools and our schools is also hugely important.  As long as local, state and national policy-makers impact our students and our classrooms, we must be at the table and be the voice for education.  As NEA President Dennis Van Roekel recently said, "if you're not at the table, you're on the menu."  We are thankful that you have taken the responsibility to be a professional in your membership.  Together we can!

Advocating for you and your career

We're in the business of advocating for you and your career. When you join the National Education Association, the Iowa State Education Association and the Lewis Central Education Association, you'll immediately have access to advocates and programs to help you reach your professional and financial goals. You'll automatically be protected with professional liability insurance. But that's just the beginning. Take a look at the multitude of other valuable programs and services that membership will bring you.

Promoting excellence in education through:
* Professional advice, training and other assistance related to current issues of instructional quality such as teacher evaluation, teacher mentoring and benchmark tests and high school qualifying exams
* For Education Support Professionals (ESPs), professional advice, training and other assistance related to current issues such as evaluations and job descriptions, combating privatization, contracting out, pay equity and inclusion of special needs students
* Employee-determined career development and training opportunities

Securing professional wages and benefits through:

* Professional, experienced staff to assist in collective bargaining matters, ranging from research to member organizing to public relations
* Training in the complete range of bargaining skills
* Top-notch lobbyists fighting for you in the halls of Congress, your state legislature and your school board

Protecting your career through:

* Professional, experienced staff advocates to advise and/or represent employees in employment-related matters
* Educators Employment Liability Insurance of up to $1 million with an aggregate of $3 million per occurrence. Check with your state affiliate because some have purchased even higher levels of coverage.
* Kate Frank/DuShane Unified Legal Services Program

Building community support through:
* Year-round, comprehensive campaigns to communicate our messages using both news media and advertising
* Building coalitions among school employees, parents and the public on key issues such as school safety

Lobbying for funding and other decisions that affect our schools

* Impact on legislative funding and other decisions that affect our schools
* Year-round promotion of increased, sufficient and sustained funding for K-12 public schools and higher education institutions
* Professional lobbying to inform and influence legislators and other decision makers about education employees' interests and priorities

Other member services include:

* Discounts through NEA Member Benefits for a wide range of services, including insurance programs, investment opportunities, credit cards, loans and publications
* Attorney Referral Program for reduced charges on personal legal matters
* Publications geared to your interest and career