Thursday, December 13, 2007

LCEA Execuitve Board Meeting Minutes December 13, 2007

LCEA Executive Board Meeting

Date: 12/13/2007
Place: Kreft in Room 11
Time: 4:15

Roll Call: Sharon Crawley, Kim Muta, Jennifer Doorlag (absent), Maggie Bennett, Dave Bergman
HS Reps: Tom McLaughlin (hospitalized), Allison Towne, Brian Johnson (absent), Christina Woodward (absent)
MS Reps: Margot Argotsinger, Beth Frank, Al Lorenz, Barb Motes
TH Reps: Susan Drustrup (Janet Zuehlke), Maggie Miller, Jennifer Hake
Kreft Reps: Kathy Moe (sub—Michelle Schaeffer), Melinn Ruzicka, Tara York

Approval of Agenda:
• Dave Bergman moved that the agenda be approved, Kim Muta seconded, and the motion passed.

Secretary’s Report/ Approval of Minutes: Kim Muta
• Allison Towne moved that the November minutes be approved, Dave Bergman seconded, and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Jennifer Doorlag
• Sharon Crawley has a couple of receipts from approved spending. Receipts from Teacher Appreciation Week should be turned in for reimbursement.

Negotiations: Beth Frank
• Beth Frank explained our initial proposal and the Board’s initial proposal (see attached).
• Beth Frank also gave us copies of the survey results (see attached).
• The next meeting is January 10, 2008.
• Sharon Crawley suggested again that we need to get a committee together to explore insurance issues. This committee would not, of course, be part of the negotiation committee.

TQC: Barb Motes
• During the last meeting, we discussed the market factor money. (This was explained also during the November meeting—see those minutes.)
• Side note: Remind colleagues to fill out paperwork for classes that they want to use to move over on the pay scale.
• Our next tasks are to look at the evaluation system and to evaluate the professional development.

President’s Report: Sharon Crawley
• Sharon Crawley got a question sent about principals being out of the building and the chain of command. She emailed the principals about that issue. Barb Grell replied and explained that they all have mobile phones by which they can be reached. Kent Stopak addressed the issue with his staff, and said that they should contact the office as they would if he were there. Chuck Story saw Sharon Crawley about the issue, and explained that they inform the faculty about absent administration and we always have Richard for security problems.
• Another issue that has been raised about sick leave for parents when children are sick. Beth Frank addressed this, as it was a negotiated language change in the contract a few years ago.
• February 14 and 15: We cannot use sick leave for these days because they are not part of our contracted number of days for this school year. We are expected to be there, and we will be paid per diem for them. If we are not there, we will not be paid. (These are not Phase III days—Phase III no longer exists.) Sharon Crawley read the memo drafted by Tom McLaughlin about this issue. We will be paid for those days in our March pay checks, noted as an extra line.
• Sharon Crawley also received multiple phone calls about not receiving our pay deposits on the first of the month in November (which fall on a Saturday). Dave Bergman talked to Dr. Schweer about this. The money is released to the District’s bank, but it’s being released by some banks later than others. People with automatic payments should schedule those automatic payments later in the month.

Committee Reports:
• High School: Staff members were stuck in Des Moines at a conference on a snow day. We’re going live with Power School. Kids now have access.
• Middle School: Some of the middle schoolers have access to Power School. There are some issues with mainstreaming of some of the special education students. The State is putting a lot of pressure on districts to mainstream.
• Kreft: They met with Barb Grell about equity in work time. The time taken up by the progress reports seems to be lessening.
• Titan Hill: There are power and heat issues. There was no communication about these problems. Kent Stopak said that they could have a safety committee to address the lack of a crisis plan for such occurrences.

Old Business:
• Reps setting up monthly meetings with individual building principals—Please do this.
• Ten minute meetings with members—Please do this.

New Business:
• Attendance to a board meeting—The list still has empty dates.
• Public Relations: Committees for Education weeks, National Teacher Day, Reading Across America, Retirees, etc.—We need people on these committees.
• Public Relations: Toy drive, Food/Books drives, etc./Activity for each building in January—We need people on these committees.
• February days (14/15)—See President’s Report above.
• Administrators out of the building? Who is in charge? Procedures? –See President’s Report above.

Maggie Miller moved that the meeting be adjourned, and Jennifer Hake seconded it. The meeting adjourned at 5:40.

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