Friday, December 7, 2007

Keep Up the Pressure: Tell Congress "DON'T BLOCK THE (OMNI)BUS!!"Stand up for Real Resources for Children and Public Education

Thank you to everyone who sent e-mail last week urging Congress to support the omnibus funding bill for fiscal year 2008. Now, let's keep up the pressure!

The omnibus bill will include increased funding for education programs as well as programs for veterans, cancer research, health care, clean air and water, and safe roads and bridges. But, passage will face an uphill battle, with opposition from those who support the President's demands for program cuts.

Contact your representatives in Congress TODAY!!

Tell Congress "Don't Block the Bus" - support the omnibus funding bill for fiscal year 2008.

Omnibus Spending Needs Veto-Proof Majority to Prevent Cuts to Children's ProgramsCongress is negotiating now to secure enough votes to enact funding for most federal domestic programs, including vital children's programs such as the Women's Infant and Children (WIC) health program. If they do not get enough votes to override another veto by the President, cuts will get deeper. Please contact your Congressional Representative and Senators to tell them children are at risk if nutrition, housing, home energy, and other vital assistance programs are not fully funded.The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on a compromise year-end funding bill on Tuesday, December 11; the Senate later in the week. Click here to send your elected officials a message.

You can also contact their offices directly: Call 1-8882-45-0215 for the Congressional switchboard