Saturday, May 26, 2007

Member Benefits: California Casualty Auto & Home Insurance

More than 2500 Association members switch to our insurance programs each month and report an average auto savings of $400 per year. How much can we save you?

NEA Members Auto & Home Insurance Program (TM) An auto and home insurance program designed to meet the needs of members of the National Education Association, with exclusive rates and excellent benefits. It's all made possible by NEA MB and a unique collaboration of insurance providers managed by California Casualty.

Some Points for You to Consider

• Low rates with your NEA member discount
• Multi-policy discounts for Auto & Home coverage
• Discounts for family members who are good students or mature drivers
• Theft of personal property from your vehicle covered up to $250 - including school supplies

Benefits You'll Receive:

We offer Auto and Home insurance to members of associations at special rates NOT available to the general public to keep their insurance costs low.

We offer special discounts for educators and public safety professionals unique to their occupations and special needs.

We provide flexible payment plans (like our summer skip plan for teachers) to make it easier for our customers to pay their bills.

Click here to Receive a QUOTE from California Casuality Home and Auto Insurance from NEA Member Benefits.