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Lewis Central Schools Board Policies

Series 100
Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy of the School District
Goals and Objectives of the Educational Program
Educational and Operational Planning and Needs Assessment
Equal Educational Opportunity
Grievance Procedure

Series 200
Board of Education

Statement of Guiding Principles
Name of School District
Legal Status of the Board
General Powers and Duties
Director District Election Schedule
Organization of Board of Directors Organizational Meeting
Board of Directors' Vacancies
President of the Board
Vice President of the Board
Secretary of the Board
Treasurer of the Board
Individual Board Members
Ethical Code for Board Members
Board of Directors and Elected Officials
Board Member Liability
Formulation of Policy
Review and Modification of Policy
Administrative Rules and Regulations
Organization and Dissolution of Ad Hoc Committees
Statutory Committees
Legal Counsel
Board of Directors' Conflict of Interest
Dissemination of Policy
Administration in Absence of Policy
Review and Revision of Policy
Board of Directors' Self Evaluation
Suspension of Policy
Ad Hoc Committees
Handling General Complaints by Citizens
Regular Meetings
Special Meetings
Closed Sessions
Annual Meeting
Notice for Meetings
Quorum for Meetings
Rules of Order
Order of Regular Meetings
Board of Directors' Minutes and Records
Oath of Office
Open Meetings
Work Sessions
Compensation for Expense
Membership in Associations
New Board Member Orientation
Board Member Services
Gifts to Board of Directors
School Visitation by Board of Directors

Series 300

Statement of Guiding Principles
Superintendent of Schools
Superintendent of Schools - Qualifications
Superintendent of Schools - Contract
Superintendent of Schools - Functions
Superintendent of Schools - Evaluation
Superintendent Professional Development
Superintendent Civic Activities
Superintendent Consulting/Outside Employment
Organizational Structure
Administrator Qualifications
Administrative Contracts
Administrator Consulting/Outside Employment
Administrator Performance Evaluation
Administrative Release From Contract
Reduction in Administrative Positions
Administrative Dismissal
Administrative Professional Development
Administrator Civic Activities
Administrator Code of Ethics
Succession of Authority to the Superintendent

Series 400


Statement of Guiding Principals
Equal Employment Opportunity
Recruitment, Qualifications, and Selection of District Personnel
Evaluation of District Personnel
District Personnel Staff Development
District Employment of Family Members
Sick Leave
Long Term Illness or Disabilty
Unpaid Leave Not Covered by FMLA
Termination of Employment of District Personnel
Employee Suspension
Communicable Diseases
Hazardous Chemical Disclosure
General Personnel Physical Examinations
Use of School Facilities Equipment by Employees.
Gifts to Employees
Employee Activity Passes
Reimbursement for Employee Expenses
Public Complaints About Employees
Employee Conflict of Interest
Employee Conflict of Interest
Transporting of Students by Employees
The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FLMA)
Employee Records
Definition of Licensed Personnel
Certification Requirements
Tendering of Contracts
Licensed Personnel Assignment
Resignation of Licensed Personnel
Substitute Teachers
Student Teachers
Private Instruction Tutoring Coaching Professional Consulting Services
Licensed Employee Probationary Status
Market Factor Teacher Salaries
Definition of Classified Personnel
Associates and Clerks
Employee Notices for Classified Personnel
Assignment and Transfer of Classified Personnel
Resignation of Classified Personnel
Classified Personnel Reduction in Force
Termination Hearing Rules - Classified
Evaluation of Classified Personnel
Harrassment Prohibited
Civil Rights Complaint Procedure
Substance-Free Workplace
Child Abuse Reporting
Abuse of Students by School District Employees
Licensed Employee Suspension
Classified Employee Suspension

Series 500

Statement of Guiding Principles
Compulsory Attendance
Entrance - Admissions
Student Attendance Records
Residency Defined
Anticipated Residency
Continuing Enrollment
Non-Resident Students Tuition
Foreign Exchange Students
Student Transfers In
Student Transfers In
Student Transfers Out
Student Absences
Open Enrollment Transfers Receiving District.
Open Enrollment Transfers Sending District
Homeless Children and Youth
Prohibition of Serious Student Misconduct.
Development of Student Conduct Policies/Rules
Suspension by Administrator
Suspension and Expulsion by Board
Suspension/Expulsion Procedures
Corporal Punishment
Search and Seizure
Student Appearance
Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol
Good Conduct Rule
Freedom of Expression
Student Lockers
Student Government
Student Organizations
Student Publications
School Sponsored Student Social Events
Student Activity Program
Interscholastic Competition
Attendance at Events Outside of School
Student Honors and Awards
Student Health and Immunization Certificates
Communicable Diseases - Students
Injury or Illness at School
Use of Motor Vehicles
Work Permits
Student Insurance
Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse
Procedures for Charing and Investigating Allegations of Abuse of Students by School Employees
Student Medication Administration
Student Records Access
Interviews with Students
Leaving School Grounds During School Day
Equal Educational Opportunities
Resolution of Student Concerns
Student Directory Information
Student Progress Reports and Conferences

Series 600
Education Program

Statement of Guiding Principles
Type of School Organization
School Calendar
School Day
Basic Instructional Program
Summer School Instruction
Provision of Special Education
Talented and Gifted
Programs for Students At-Risk
Career Education
Adult Education
Co-Curricular Activities
Curriculum Development, Implementation and Review
Teaching About Religion
Competent Private Instruction
Dual Enrollment
Health Education
Physical Education
Global Education
Multicultural and Non-Sexist Education
Religion and the Public Schools
Student Field Trips and Excursions
Multicultural and Nonsexist Education
Instructional Materials Selection
Instructional Materials Inspection
Media Centers
Religion-based Exclusion from a School Program
Student Guidance and Counseling
Health Services
Special Health Services
Wellness Policy
Testing Program
Graduation Requirements
Instruction At A Post-Secondary Educaitonal Institution
Appropriate Use of Computers, Computer Network Systems, and the Internet

Series 700
Auxillary Services

Statement of Guiding Principles
Food Service Program
Scope of the Food Services Program
Financial Support
Eligibility for Free or Reduceed Cost Meals
Transportation Regulations
Student Eligibility for Bus Service
Extra-Curricular Activities Bus Service
Transportation Insurance Program
Transportation of Non-School Groups
Transportation of NonPublic School Students
School Bus Routes and Stops
Emergency Routes
Student Conduct on School Transportation
Transportation Rules & Policies
Transportation in Inclement Weather
Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
Safety Policy

Series 800
Business Practices

Statement of Guiding Principles
Planning the Budget
Preparation of the Certified Budget
Requirements of the Budget Document
Publication of the Certified Budget
Public Review of the Budget
Budget As A Spending Plan and Control Document
Local, State, And Federal Income
Gifts - Grants - Bequests
Fixed Assets Management System
Fixed Assests Management System Regulation
Fixed Assests Management System Regulation
Purchasing Policy
Lease, Sale or Disposal of School District Building & Sites
Payment for Goods and Services
Unpaid Warrants
Payroll Periods
Payroll Deductions
Purchasing Authority
Credit Cards
Targeted Small Business Procurement Goals
Pay Deductions
Secretary's Monthly Report
Annual Financial Statement Published
Care, Maintenance and Disposal of School District Records
General Fixed Assets Capital Assets
Insurance Program
Annual Review of Insurance Program
Working Capital Reserve Policy

Series 900
Building & Ground

Statement of Guiding Principles
School Facilities Surveys
Site Specifications
Site Acquisition
Educational Specifications For Buildings
Preliminary Building Specifications
Financing Sites and Construction
Preventive Maintenance Schedule
Requests for Improvements
Emergency Repairs
Use of Contract Services
Long-Range Planning
Asbestos Containing Materials
Buildings & Grounds Security
Adaptation For The Handicapped
Means of Escape From Fire

Series 1000
School Community Relations

Statement Of Guiding Principles
Board - Community Relations
Printed Materials
Board Meeting Communications
Public Examination of School District Records
School - Community Associations
Participation In Community Activities
Citizen Volunteers And Resource Persons
Visitors To School District Facilities
Good Sportsmanship
Use Of School Facilities
Regulations Concerning The Use Of School Facilities
Use of School Facilities By Community - Sunday Use
Supervision By School Personnel
Use Of School District Equipment
Application Process
Fees For Use Of School Facilities
Regulations Concerning The Use Of School Facilities
Gratuities To Personnel
Board Waiver Of Fees
Loan Of School Equipment
Public Attendance At School
Public Performances By Students
Contests For Students
Sales Promotions Prohibited
Money Raising Activities In The Schools
Tobacco-Free Environment
Distribution of Materials