Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do You Need Relicensure Hours or Are You Hungry for Meaningful Professional Development


Need an extra hour? ISEA is a leaders in Professional Development. Just get 15 of your colleagues or friends togethers and we can get one of the many valuable classes brought here to LC.

Lots of times teachers from CB or surrounding schools are more than willing to joing in order to help the class "make". See Tom McLaughlin for more information on turning LC into the an ISEA Professional Development Academy.

Please feel free to look at the links below to get an idea of the classes, their content, objectives, credit level. Hopefully, something meets your needs.

Learning Strategies that Address Childhood Obesity through Physical Activity & Nutrition Education Taught Within the Same Curriculum

Using the Iowa Teaching Standards

Improving Teaching Through National Standards

Analyzing Portfolio Entries

Pre-Candidacy: Considering Seeking National Board Certification

Pathwise Introduction to Mentoring, Parts I and II

I CAN DO IT Plus! Classroom Management Techniques

Increasing Student Effort and Responsibility

A Framework for Understanding the Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria

Real Colors

Advanced Candidate Workshop

Facilitator Network