Sunday, June 10, 2007


Gov. Culver signs historic pay raise into law!Gov. Chet Culver has signed into law a landmark bill that will dramatically increase K-12 salaries and give teachers a voice in determining their own professional development needs. The action capped a multi-year, multi-faceted campaign by the ISEA to bring teacher salaries up to 25th in the nation. Click here to read his news release and click here to view photos of the historic event.

"Together, we made this happen," said ISEA President Linda Nelson. "We spent years making our case before the public and we finally elected a Legislature that would do more than just talk about making education a priority. This historic piece of legislation sends a loud and clear message that Iowa values and respects the work that we do."

Final approval of the bill was delayed for several days while a joint House-Senate conference committee hammered out a compromise on some minor issues. Specifically, SF 277 will put an average of $5,400 in teachers' pockets over the next two years -- $3,600 in 2007-08 and another $1,800 in 2008-09. That, coupled with competitive salary increases won at the bargaining table, should bring K-12 teaching salaries up to 25th in the nation. School districts and local associations have until Sept. 15 to determine how the money will be distributed. The complex legislation also makes some much-needed changes in the Teacher Quality law.

The ISEA is currently working with the Department of Education in an attempt to help ensure a smooth implementation and ISEA's UniServ directors and staff specialists will be prepared to provide expert advice and guidance to local association leaders.

Click here for VICTORY AT LAST! one-page flier that explains the many aspects of SF 277 and its implementation in our schools.

• Download a flyer which highlights key components of the legislation.