Thursday, January 31, 2013

LCEA Friends of Education 2012-2013

The Lewis Central Education Association is comprised of nearly 200 Lewis Central educators and is the professional voice of the profession within Lewis Central Schools.  For the third year in a row, the LCEA is using its collective voice to thank and recognize some of the many individuals and organizations that make Lewis Central Schools a place with a “Proud Past and Promising Future.” 

The LCEA is thankful for these friends in making sure that our traditions are advanced and our future looks bright.

A large group of members, administrators, community members joined in the celebration on January 24, 2013 in the Lewis Central High School Media Center.


Dr. Mark Schweer, Superintendent of Schools, thanks the LCEA
Friends of Education recipients and echoes his support of the LCEA
event that he has assisted in promoting in our community.

Kathy Dorsey, Titan Hill Intermediate School, presenting on behalf of Titan Hill faculty to Friends of Education Individual Recipients Chris Toms and Carrie Griffin: “Chris Toms and Carrie Griffin have volunteered their time, talents and resources to show support and appreciation for the staff at Titan Hill Intermediate.  In conjunction with our PTA, these ladies have provided the staff with meals for numerous occasions, including teacher appreciation and conference days.  Small treats and tokens of appreciation also appear at various and random times in our mail boxes and workroom.  They are available for tasks that teachers need help with and frequently donate supplies and resources for the classrooms.  They look for ways to make the school environment a welcome place for students to learn.”

Middle School Friends of Education recipient Dorothy
"Dot" Sillau graciously accepts the award for her extraordinary
work as a volunteer in our schools.
Lori Shanks, Middle School Literacy Teacher, presenting on behalf of Lewis Central Middle School faculty to Friend of Education Individual Receipient Dortothy“Dot” Sillau:Volunteers are always appreciated. Fortunately for LCMS, Mrs. Sillau hasn't yet learned the meaning of the word, 'retirement'. We were so sad when she retired last spring and we didn't think we would see her smiling face in our hallways. Little did we know that she would be the super volunteer this year. She started the year by volunteering everyday for three weeks to help the language arts team while they did their placement tests. She worked with small groups of students with reading while we were testing. She even brought treats for the teachers! She is continuing her volunteer efforts by serving as the president of the LC Teammates board. She is a True Titan and it is my pleasure to present Dot Sillau with the LCMS Volunteer Award.”

Rosie Spangenberg, Kreft's presenter, shares her thoughtful
and kind words thanking the Southwest 8's Foster Grandparent's
program in the ceremony.
Rosie Spangenberg, Kreft Elementary School Strategist, presenting on behalf of the Kreft Elementary faculty to LCEA Friend of Education Organizational recipient The Foster Grandparent’s Program—accepting on behalf of the organization--Ila Bergman, foster grandparent:   

“Kreft would like to recognize the Foster Grandparent program through the Southwest 8 organization. Here with me today are Beth Paleogos, senior corps program director, and one of Kreft’s foster grandparents, Ila Bergman.

Kreft has been involved with the program for about ten years, starting when the primary students were at Lakeview. With the program, 2-3 “grandparents” come into the school 4 times a week to spend time with students. At Kreft, those grandparents have usually spent time with struggling kindergarten and first grade students to help them with literacy skills. Working one-on-one with the students, the grandparents listen to children read, work on letter recognition, letter sounds,  and sight words. Michelle Schaeffer, a first grade teacher, said, “The students look forward to their time with our grandma. She helps them with reading, and even leaves them notes of encouragement in their mailboxes.” Kathy Pregon, who is teaching kindergarten this year, has students that look forward to eating lunch with their grandma every day. Mrs. Pregon went on to say that having that adult interaction is so important for the social development of her students.
So, thank you to all the foster grandparents we’ve had at Lakeview and Kreft for supporting the education of our youngest Lewis Central students and making such a difference in their lives. Hunter, a first grader in Mrs. Hahn’s room, said it best. I wish he could be here to say it in person. “I LOVE reading my just right books with Grandma Ila!”
Lewis Centrl Foundation President Frankie Parrott thanks the
attendees for their support of the Foundation.  She also thanks
the many Foundation volunteers who were present.
Tom McLaughlin, Lewis Central High School Director of Drama, presenting on behalf of the High School faculty to LCEA Friend of Education Organizational recipient The Lewis Central Foundation—accepting on behalf of the organization—Frankie Parent, Lewis Central Foundation President:  

“When I arrived at Lewis Central 17 years ago, I didn’t know much about our next recipient.  What I did notice is that every spring a diverse group of individuals from different professions and walks of life would show up and set up camp in a conference room or two for the better part of a week.  What I didn’t realize then, that I realize now is that the work of this group took hundreds of hours: hours to solicit scholarship and grant applications, hours to review them, hours to interview students, hours to promote the donations to the Foundation at games, community events, within our schools and more.  I didn’t realize how much time coordinating the bricks that make the Foundation’s Walk of Fame took. 
It’s somehow appropriate that this group is associated with these bricks that commemorate donors, their families, organizations in the community and more.  Because that’s what the Foundation has done so well: brick by brick built an endowment and donations that benefits the education of Lewis Central students while being educated at home and when being educated in the beginning of their independent lives.  They have build—brick by brick—a bulwark against poverty, a foundation for the success of our students, and like in the old children’s story a fortress to ensure the safety and success of the students who it benefits.

The Lewis Central Foundation’s dedication to improving education within the Lewis Central Community School district and its philanthropic work dedicated to the advancement of post-secondary education is a blessing to all of us who work for Lewis Central Schools.  Each year the Foundation gives over $25,000.00 in scholarships to the students of Lewis Central.  It also awards mini-grants to Lewis Central educators to enrich the education of our students.  These grants have funded projects including 6 Trait Writing training and implementation for teachers and students, math manipulatives, science field study and much, much more.
It is with great pleasure that I recognize Kim Jones, who would probably be much more happy if I recognized the others.  As President/Chair of the Foundation for the better part of a decade she has rolled up her sleeves and done the real work of the Foundation.  You would see Kim helping set up the Foundation luncheon, helping set up and serve refreshments for our Wall of Fame recipients, handing out literature at games, building agendas for the meetings and more.  She deserves recognition because—just like the Foundation—she does her work quietly and selflessly.  Frankie Parrott, the Foundation’s new President/Chair will be continue her work in the Foundation in a different capacity.  Like Kim, Frankie and Cal Parrott are the type of folks who also like to do work quietly that benefits others while steering themselves out of the spotlight.  I would be remiss without recognizing the work of Past-President Kathy Fiscus, our friend Gary Fiscus, David Overholtzer, Jeanette Schierbrock, Greg and Jacobs, Bernie Heller and so many, many more.

Please help me in thanking a true organizational sleeping giant in our community, The Lewis Central Foundation.
Tom McLaughlin, LCEA President-Elect and Dave Bergman,
LCEA President share their thanks to all of the recipients.