Thursday, January 31, 2013

ISEA Academy Expands to Include More Classes

The ISEA is among the nation's leaders when it comes to helping educators improve their skills and knowledge. To help members improve their practice, ISEA's teaching and learning programs cover a wide variety of topics and issues that aren't typically addressed in traditional school district in-service or AEA professional development programs. They are team taught by a lead teacher with either a master's degree or who are nationally board certified and with at least one additional licensed Iowa educator. The courses are typically developed by teams of practitioners with the experiences and knowledge to meet the everyday challenges of the classroom and meet both licensure requirements and the higher education institutions' requirements for graduate credit.

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The ISEA helps members take charge of their professional development by offering a variety of programs and services at an exclusive member discount rate. In addition, the ISEA PD Academy Cadre of instructors is available to conduct building or district level professional development at special group rates. Details or questions about such district or building-wide professional development should be directed to the ISEA Teaching and Learning Specialist.

ISEA's Professional Development Academy offers courses that can be taken for either license renewal or graduate credit or can be audited. Each class requires a minimum of 15 participants with a maximum of approximately 25 participants. Each licensure renewal course is 15 contact hours. Graduate credit is available for several classes, but with the new federal definition of a credit hour, it varies by course and by institution. Some higher education institutions now require at least 15 hours of face-to-face class time as well as another 15-30 hours of project-based learning or reading in order to fulfill the new requirements for graduate credit. All courses use the experience of the participants as they interact with the information presented.

The cost for classes is as follows:

Type of Credit for Face-to-Face Classes (1 Credit Hour)
Licensure Renewal
Graduate Credit
(Social Work/Mental Health/
School Psychology
Type of Credit for Online Classes(1 Credit Hour)
Licensure Renewal
Graduate Credit

New Online License Renewal Credit, Graduate Credit and Audit Courses for ISEA Educators!

New Online 3-Hour Drake University Graduate Credit or Iowa Relicensure Classes:
Online Bullying Prevention Classes from the ISEA Academy:
Iowa teachers now have 9 new courses available through Professional Learning Board and the ISEA Academy, each good for one relicensure credit.
SELF-STUDY online courses:
  1. Cognitive Skills - Understanding Learning Challenges
  2. Reaching Diverse Learners
  3. Child Abuse Prevention
  4. Standards & Communications in Teaching
  5. Technology Today
  6. Understanding Special Learning Populations
  1. Accommodating All Learners
  2. Reading Across the Curriculum
  3. Spanish for Educators
The following face-to-face courses are currently available to be taken for relicensure or graduate credit (15 hours = one credit):
The following face-to-face course is currently available to be taken for relicensure or graduate credit (30 hours = TWO credits):
The following training is not offered for credit:
Questions? Contact Rhonda Plimmer (515-471-8052) or Cindy Swanson, Teaching and Learning Specialist (515-471-8054)