Thursday, February 24, 2011


Thousands of activists support allowable growth at 2 percent

Activists are speaking out by the thousands - educators, parents, AEAs, and school administrators--in support of setting allowable growth at 2 percent. Supporters signed an open letter urging legislators to support SF166 and SF167 ahead of the February 26 deadline. The bills set allowable growth at 2 percent so schools and Area Education Agencies (AEAs) have the resources needed to deliver the 21st century education our children need to thrive and prosper in our global economy.
The Iowa Kids First Campaign,, collected the 6,000 signatures in less than two weeks from all 99 counties in the state.

You can join the fight by attending a legislative forum in your area this weekend and asking legislators how providing $216 million in tax breaks to corporations will benefit our schools? Or why they feel the need to set allowable growth to zero percent when there is a $900 million surplus in the budget?

Write to your legislators and tell them what zero percent allowable growth will mean for your school. Make sure your legislator has heard from you on this issue. They take your silence as agreement. Please take a moment to sit down and explain to your legislator why funding allowable growth is so important to schools and students.

HSB 117 in committee

House Study Bill 117 (HSB117), which is an attack on collective bargaining, will be debated in committee tonight. The ISEA expects there to be a public hearing on this bill some time after next week.

Community colleges

Senate File 209 (SF209) reinstates the $5.9 million in cuts Governor Culver made to community colleges before he left office. The bill has passed the Iowa Senate and passed out of committee in the House. It is expected to be debated soon in the House where there is support for this provision. The ISEA continues to seek adequate approproations for next year. Contact your legislators in the House to support the passage of SF209.

Area Education Agencies (AEAs)

House File 45 (HF45) has been passed by both the House and the Senate reinstating $10 million in cuts to AEAs for the current year. Urge Governor Branstad to sign HF45.


The House introduced legislation today that would implement Governor Branstad's proposal to make preschool a needs-based program. Encourage your legislators to oppose House Study Bill 145 (HSB145) and provide preschool to all Iowa students