Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Can You Help our Wisconsin Colleagues and Prepare for Attacks in Iowa? The 51 Fund--50 States, ONE VOICE

Many of you have been wondering what else you can do to support our members and our friends and allies working so hard for collective bargaining and for keeping our voice heard. Today, the NEA is announcing The 51 Fund to help in those efforts.

What’s happening now in Wisconsin is historic. As you have probably seen on the nightly news or on the front pages of your local newspaper, tens of thousands of citizens are gathering in Wisconsin and across the country to protest proposed legislation that would strip public sector employees—which includes public school educators—of their collective bargaining rights.
In response, the NEA Foundation, at the request of the NEA, has created a vehicle so all concerned citizens can contribute to support the preservation of these rights.

The 51 Fund — 50 States. One Voice. Standing Together—went live yesterday!

The link to the site can be found here: .

The Fund will accept donations electronically and via mail to support NEA’s efforts to advocate and educate about legislation in various states aimed at reducing or eliminating the collective bargaining rights of educators and other public employees. (This is not limited or intended to benefit just NEA members.)

Anyone, including the general public, can contribute to The Fund and contributions are tax-deductible. The Foundation will act as the fiscal agent for contributions received through The Fund that will support those efforts.

By donating to The 51 Fund, support will go to where the need is greatest: to assist people fighting back on the frontlines. The 51 Fund will help feed volunteers, organize rallies, and get the message out to people everywhere that the right to collective bargaining ensures a strong middle-class.

This is one more way we can proudly help in the fight to keep a strong voice for our members, a strong middle-class, and a strong economy.

If you have any questions about The Fund please contact Cristina Uribe, Manager of Strategic Relations,