Saturday, July 24, 2010

Works for Me: Tips for Teachers by Teachers--Making Math Fun July 14, 2010

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Tips!Three Dimensional Math Project
From Ben James, a math teacher:

“After my geometry class completes surface area and volume lessons, I give them eight sheets of construction paper and they construct a 3D person. They complete three categories: maximized surface area, maximized volume, and creativity. The kids really enjoy being their own boss in completing this project, and it does get quite competitive. I also take this opportunity to be the one time per year that a math class puts something in the display case!”

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Polygon Rap Live!
From L. Mims, a teacher in Newark, Delaware:

“Every year I use a song called “Polygon Rap” to teach my students about polygons. This year I took it a step further. My students created polygons by tracing them off the SMARTboard. I had students volunteer to perform the rap, with props, and I videotaped it. I got permission from the parents and my principal and posted it on Teachertube! We had so much fun and everyone could identify a polygon by the time it was all over!”

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Question of the Week: Summer Workshops
From The Worker Bees:

“Teachers are never done learning, and summer is a good time to catch up on what’s current. Have you participated in any workshops you’d like to recommend or taken any interesting courses that you want to share? What new things are you excited about?”

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Digital Storytelling
From L Mims:

"Digital storytelling is taking images, video, and/or music and creating a story about anything you choose. For my class, I did a 5 minute story on climbing Mt.Everest, my class loved it! I used Windows Moviemaker, but there is other software you can use. I took a 6 week online course with Elearning in DE. But you can also access Discovery Education, where they offer webinars. Search TeacherTube, YouTube, and Google for tutorials on digital storytelling."

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