Saturday, July 24, 2010

LCEA's NEA Yearlong Member Benefits Plan—JULY—Building a Blueprint for Success

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The exclusive services and programs of NEA Member Benefits (NEA MB) are some of our most powerful tools for recruiting and retaining members. By educating members about NEA MB programs we’ll help them save time and money while enjoying the added value of Association membership.

Your NEA Member Benefits Monthly Planner is designed to give you useful information and ideas on how NEA MBs’ valuable programs and services can play an important role in your Association meetings throughout the membership year.

JULY NEA MB--NEA Member Benefits at a Glance

NEA MB’s mission is to offer quality products in a competitive nationwide market with broad accessibility to the NEA membership. NEA MB programs are supported by superior service, a consumer education program designed to help members become better consumers of financial, investment, insurance and other products, and by a process to resolve consumer concerns fairly.

Before NEA MB sponsors a program or service, it must first pass a rigorous screening process and receive the full approval of NEA Governance. NEA MB promotes ongoing, nationwide dialogues with members, leaders and staff to ensure that members’ needs are being addressed.

No member dues dollars are ever used to support or market any NEA Member Benefits programs, services or the Web Site.