Sunday, August 17, 2008

LCEA welcomes our new colleagues

We're glad that you're here at LC. We look forward to involving you in our very successful local Association. As you may have gathered, we are the voice for professional practitioners at Lewis Central and we look forward to your involvement in our successful local Association.

When we stand together, we become somthing truly mighty!

One in one-hundred Americans are members of the National Education Association. Our work together has benefited our students, our colleagues and the profession for generations to come.

You've no doubt been approached about membership. We are thankful that most of you have already signed up to be the newest members of the LCEA. We'll be contacting the rest of you again soon. We know that membership in our national, state and local Association demonstrates our professionalism. Join your colleagues in leaving our noble profession standing "taller" because of our efforts.

LCEA membership is rich with benefits.

A special welcome to our new colleagues:


April Gradoville, 1st Grade; Analise Letner, Kindergarten; Ann Nun, Kindergarten;


Andrew Brei, 2-5 PE; Deanne Dunphy, 5th Grade; Kristin Grandick, 2nd Grade; Ashley Smith, 5th Grade; Angela Wilder, 2-5 Counselor


Mary Bleth, Language Arts; Jennifer Buckingham, Vocal Music; Misti Groat, Special Education; Trudy Kimble, Language Arts; Tracie Meyer Special Education


Jess Bond, PE/Health; Gina Pearson, Special Education; Ryan Pivonka, Vocal Music, Kristine Rutledge, English; Jennifer Williams, ESL

We are ha
ppy to help you with the following electronic resources. Please let us know at if you want to know more about any of these tools.

LCEA Substitute Teacher Form for New Teachers

LCEA Beginning Teachers Guide to Evaluation

LCEA to Host ISEA Professional Development Academy Class in True Colors for Relicensure and Graduate Credit

LCEA Privileges Exclusive to ISEA Members

Other ISEA's Professional Development Academy classes available for Master's degree credit
Career Development, Performance Review & Intensive Assistance

Top Ten Ways for New Teachers to Survive and Thrive

Be Your Own Best Advocate

Order Form for ISEA's 'Framework for Understanding the Iowa Teaching Standards'