Thursday, November 8, 2007

LCEA Executive Board Minutes November 8, 2007

LCEA Meeting Minutes
Date: 11/8/2007
Place: Titan Hill Room 308
Time: 4:15

Roll Call: Sharon Crawley, Kim Muta, Jennifer Doorlag, Maggie Bennett, Dave Bergman (absent)
HS Reps: Tom McLaughlin, Allison Towne, Brian Johnson, Christina Woodward (absent)
MS Reps: Margot Argotsinger, Beth Frank, Al Lorenz, Barb Motes
TH Reps: Susan Drustrup (absent), Maggie Miller, Jennifer Hake
Kreft Reps: Kathy Moe, Melinn Ruzicka (absent), Tara York

Approval of Agenda:
• Barb Motes moved that the agenda be approved with the addition mentioned below, Beth Frank seconded it, and the motion passed.
• Barb Motes asked to add discussion of giving small gifts for birthdays, and Tom asked to add discussion of LCEA t-shirts.

Secretary’s Report/ Approval of Minutes: Kim Muta
• Allison Towne moved that the October minutes be approved, Barb Motes seconded the motion, and it passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Jen Doorlag
• Audit: Where are we on this? Jennifer Doorlag shared the treasurer’s report, and she explained that the audit has been completed and is in good order.
• Sharon Crawley suggested a card or something for Jennifer Doorlag and the audit committee. Tom McLaughlin suggested a $20 gift card for Jennifer Doorlag, and thank-you cards for the committee members. A motion was passed.

Negotiations: Beth Frank
• We need to vote to give the negotiation committee the right to make decisions and proposals, etc. Al Lorenz moved that the committee speak for the LCEA Executive Board, Tara York seconded the motion, and it passed.
• Ashley Shipp will be a middle school rep on the committee. Beth Frank hasn’t heard from Robin Reida or Dave Bergman from the high school, yet.
• Beth Frank has written a letter to the Board about meeting on December 4 at 5:30 for LCEA to give our proposal. The initial meetings are open to the public.
• The team met on Tuesday with John Phillips and Pat Shipley about negotiating to get the TQC money and Phase II money put into the salary schedule. It will be a challenge.
• Art Hill talked to Beth Frank about looking at health saving plans. The Board is interested in investigating this. She said that we need an insurance committee to listen to the presentations and discussions. We need someone from each building.

TQC: Barb Motes
• We should have seen the TQC money in our paychecks in November. Barb Motes said that she’s worried about having both of the added professional development days being paid in one month’s paycheck because of taxes.
• Barb Motes explained the discussion on Wednesday, November 7, about market factor pay. The committee suggested to recommend an 80/20 split of that money—80% for endorsement reimbursement (at least partial reimbursement--$150 per credit hour—paid upon completion) and 20% for signing bonus money for hard-to-fill positions.
• Our next task is to monitor the evaluation procedures, so we will need feedback from our membership about how evaluations work within each building. We talked about various rumors regarding evaluation issues. (Tom McLaughlin suggested that we try to offer a workshop on e-portfolios at some point in the year.)
• Another task is to monitor the professional development in the district as well.
• Al Lorenz raised the issue of the February 14/15 days not being related to any type of leave. We don’t take sick, personal, professional days on those days. We need to tell our members that these are NOT Phase III days. They should be there on those days and will be held accountable for learning and work on those days.

President’s Report: Sharon Crawley
• Sharon Crawley reminded building reps to check in with new teachers to the district about how the year is going. She also asked building reps to start monthly meetings with the building principals as a way to keep lines of communication open.
• Sharon Crawley reminded the Exec. Board about the ten-minute meeting idea.
• Sharon Crawley passed another calendar around for attendance at Board meetings.

Committee Reports:
• High School: Sharon Crawley talked about having Pat Shipley and John Phillips attend our faculty meeting to talk about ethics.
• Kreft: There is some anxiety about report cards. Dave Black has scheduled a meeting with teachers to answer questions. Another concern is that the teachers have to put in all of the benchmarks.
• Middle School: Beth Frank talked about teachers covering classes. Some people covered classes during both their team and planning time, but they’re only getting reimbursed for their planning time.
• Titan Hill: There is a flex money problem about daycare money being moved on a regular basis. Art Hill was contacted about it, and he has started working on the issue.

Old Business: (all were covered in President’s Report above)
• Reps setting up monthly meetings with individual building principals
• Ten minute meetings with members
• Building reps information/ check in on new teachers

New Business:
• Attendance to a board meeting (Dave Bergman lost the “official” sign up sheet). (See President’s Report item three above.)
• Public Relations: Committees for education weeks, National Teacher Day, Read Across America, retirees, etc. November 11-17 is American Education Week. Sharon Crawley wants building reps to do something for members to celebrate the week. Tom McLaughlin mentioned the NEA and ISEA websites.
• Public Relations: toy drive, food/book drives, etc. We talked about possibilities to do some service kinds of events and drives.
• Delegate Assembly—Kim Muta talked about delegate assembly, and put in a plug for people to run to be delegates.
• Nomination of Tom McLaughlin for ISEA Vice-President by LCEA—Kim Muta moved that LCEA nominate Tom McLaughlin for ISEA Vice-President, Allison Towne seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
• The calculators and the carabiners have been a hit in the past for birthday presents. Margie Argotsinger and Barb Motes said they were talking about bags with logos this year. Maggie Bennett moved that we do the drawstring bags for birthday gifts, Maggie Miller seconded, and the motion passed.
• Beth Frank moved that we spend $40 per building for American Education Week, Jennifer Hake seconded the motion, and it passed.
• Tom McLaughlin suggested we get LCEA shirts. He would like to bring a sample to the Executive Board to look over.

• Maggie Bennett moved that the meeting be adjourned, Allison Towne seconded, and the meeting adjourned at 5:45.

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