Thursday, November 8, 2007

LCEA Teacher Quality Committee Update on Professional Development Monies


TO: Lewis Central Community Schools Teachers
DATE: 11/08/2007
FROM: the LCEA Executive Board & the LC Teacher Quality Committee
SUBJECT: February 14-15 Professional Development Days

Teacher Quality Monies: Pool One--Salary

As your representatives to the Lewis Central Teacher Quality Committee, we have completed division of the "salary pool" of Teacher Quality monies. We hope that you have noticed the change in your paychecks, that you have double-checked your pay stub with the chart that we have provided via our newsletter and on our website and that you have double-checked the amounts. If you have not yet done so, please take the time to make sure that you are receiving your portion of the $680,000.00 dollars allocated to Lewis Central Community Schools.

Teacher Quality Monies: Pool Two--Professional Development

We have also been at work collaborating with our district and building leadership to meaningfully spend the "professional development pool" of the Teacher Quality monies. We have made an agreement to purchase two professional days (at a per diem rate) on February 14 & 15, 2008. This decision was made after viewing the district's professional development plan, conferring with district leadership and viewing tentative plans provided by our district's building leaders. We have worked with our instructional leadership to build meaningful development on these days.

SPECIAL NOTE: We have agreed that these days are "required" and that "no leaves" will be observed on these days. If you do not atend for any reason--you will not be paid for these days. We have further agreed that you will be responsible for the material presented and the implementation of said material if you are not present on these days. You will receive no remuneration if you are absent for a valid reason.

As professionals we believe that our presence at these important professional development days impacts improvement of "best teaching pracitices" and impacts student learning in a positive manner. We believe that is is our professional responsibility to attend these staff development days. We also believe that attendance at these days is strong evidence of both Standard 7 and Standard 8 of the Iowa Teaching Standards.

Payment for these days of development will be made on the March 1, 2007 paycheck. Remember, that you can change your annuities plans up to four times a year. If you'd like to bank this for your retirement plan(s), you should take the appropriate action with the ERC.