Friday, January 6, 2012

HOTLINE: Governor's Education Reform Plan Released

Today the Governor released his final recommendations for his education plan. We think it is very important for all of our members to have the most up-to-date information about this issue which will soon be introduced into legislation.

Below is the text of the ISEA's response and also included in this message is the link to the Governor's plan. Stay tuned for more information about this and other important issues in the coming weeks.
Statement by Chris Bern, President of the Iowa State Education Association Regarding the Governor's education proposal

"The Iowa State Education Association (ISEA) remains dedicated to the success of every student. We strongly support education policy with proven methods of success that places students at the center of its goals.

We continue to be frustrated with the lack of real focus and detail of how the Governor's proposal directly impacts student learning in a meaningful way. The ISEA is committed to the ideas we originally discussed: giving teachers the appropriate and important preparation time to improve their craft, continuing with early childhood learning opportunities, and creating additional learning time for struggling students.

We will know more about the Governor's commitment to education once we see his and the Department of Education's budgets. Any plan must give our public schools the tools and resources to help every child succeed and resist the urge to experiment with the latest ideas on the education reform circuit. This issue is too important and the stakes are too high.

The ISEA remains ready to be an integral partner in improving our schools. However, while we appreciate a seat at the table while decisions are made, our presence must not be mistaken for tacit approval of a plan that does not, ultimately benefit Iowa's students."