Sunday, March 6, 2011

Funnel Week: A List of Education and Public Employee Bills that Survived or Died During Friday's Funnel

Here’s a list of bills that survived or died in Friday’s funnel, a legislation-winnowing deadline. Not every bill is listed. How can you tell which party is behind a bill? House files that survived are backed by Republicans; Senate bills by Democrats.


SPORTS ELIGIBILITY: High school athletes who transfer to a different school would have to sit out 180 days instead of the current 90 days before they could play. SF 74 alive

LENGTH OF SCHOOL YEAR: Replaces the 180-day school calendar with 990 hours of instructional school time, or 5.5 hours per day, for elementary schools and 1,080 hours for secondary schools. HF 144 alive
PAY BACK SALARY: Requires state colleges to adopt rules that faculty on leave due to an illegal act repay salary money upon conviction. HF 493 alive

PRESCHOOL: The state’s free program for all 4-year-olds would end and a new program would help lower-income children pay for a private or public program. HSB 145 alive

HOME RULE FOR SCHOOLS: Schools districts would have broader powers: the same home-rule authority cities and counties have. Right now they’re restricted to actions approved by the Iowa Legislature. HF 260 alive

CHARTER SCHOOLS: Any accredited private or public school or private nonprofit could create a charter school that’s exempt from almost all statutes and rules. They would get state aid money. HF 124 alive

DRESS CODE: A school district could adopt a dress code policy that limits students clothing if officials think it would improve the health, safety or positive educational environment of students and staff. Currently, a district can prohibit only gang-related apparel. HF 212 alive

FEWER SUPERINTENDENTS: Number of public school superintendents would be limited to no more than one per county. SF 256 dead

TEACHERS: Districts would have to report teacher disciplinary actions to the state board of educational examiners. HF 142 dead

FINANCIAL LESSONS: High school students must take a financial literacy course to graduate. HF 11 dead

CIVICS EXAM: High school students would have to pass a 100-question civics exam to graduate. HF 24 dead

VISION SCREENINGS: Schools would have to provide vision screenings for first- through third-grade students. HSB 30, SSB 1054 dead

NO SCHOOL NURSE: Schools would not be required to have a librarian, guidance counselor or school nurse for the next two budget years. SF 171 dead

SCHOOL LUNCH: Eliminate the Healthy Kids Act that has education officials set nutrition standards for lunches served in public and private schools. HF 74 dead

AEAs: A plan to reduce the number of Area Education Agencies. SF 51 dead

MONEY FOR COMMUNITY COLLEGES: A property tax levy increase for community colleges. SF 151 dead

HOCK THE POLLOCK: Require the University of Iowa to sell Jackson Pollock’s “Mural” painting and use the $120 million for scholarships for art students. HSB 84 dead

FOR-PROFIT COLLEGES: State financial aid could not be awarded to a student at a for-profit college such as the University of Phoenix, Ashford University, Kaplan University or Waldorf College, which have an average graduation rate of 33 percent. SF 176 dead

POWER OF EDUCATION BOARD: The state board of education could not adopt federal standards or regulations without approval by the Iowa Legislature. HF 35 dead

Public employees and unions

BARGAINING: A proposal for several reforms to collective bargaining, including that unions could no longer negotiate for changes to their health insurance plans. HSB 117 alive

PRIVATE PAY: State employee salaries would be compared with the private sector and factor into union negotiations that require arbitration. HF 312 alive

MANAGERS: A proposal to undo last year’s legislation to reduce management positions in state government. HF 171 alive

PUBLIC PENSIONS: Cities could adopt defined contribution retirement plans for police and firefighters as an alternative to the 411 pension system. HSB 135 dead

FAIR SHARE: Unions could negotiate for the right to charge non-union members fees for services such as collective bargaining and grievances. HF 73 dead

BAN ON BONUSES: State employees could not be paid bonuses. HF 55 dead

TEACHER CONTRACTS: School boards could discontinue up to 1 percent of all teacher contracts each year. SF 134 dead

CHIP IN FOR INSURANCE: Iowa government employees would be required to pay up to 30 percent of the cost of employer-provided health insurance. HF 206 dead