Sunday, November 28, 2010

LCEA Honors "First Annual" Friends of Education

by Dennis Friend, Nonpareil
November 23, 2010

The Lewis Central Community School District used American Education Week to honor some of its volunteers.

Five volunteers became the Lewis Central Education Association’s first Friend of Education, receiving the awards Thursday afternoon at an informal ceremony at the high school.

"We are humbled to offer these fantastic volunteers an award to commemorate the wonderous work that they do for our students," Tom McLaughlin, LCEA President said.

Joanna Stenlund, who teaches second grade at Titan Hill Intermediate School and is president-elect of the LCEA, said the National Education Association sponsors the award, and educators nominate the candidates.

“We look for people who do outstanding things,” Stenlund said.

American Education Week is Nov. 14-20, and those chosen for recognition included four people and one organization.

E.A. Kreft Primary School picked the Hitchcock Nature Center as the Kreft Friend of Education “for their continued support of our students,” teacher Lee Dwyer said.

Longtime Titan Hill Intermediate School volunteer Bob “Grandpa” Jackson was named the Titan Hill Friend of Education. Stenlund described him as “very patient, and he has helped our kids make Christmas presents.”

Jackson responded, “It’s a real joy (to volunteer),” and described his volunteer days on Thursdays as “the highlight of my week.”}

Martha Mundt, winner of the Middle School Friend of Education recognition, accepted her award from Dot Sillau. Sillau said Mundt spends “many hours at the school” and Mundt said some credit has to go to her husband.

David and Suzanne Overholtzer both received recognition as Lewis Central High School’s Friend of Education. Teacher and LCEA president Tom McLaughlin said the Overholtzers have been described as “the go-to parents” by the teachers who nominated them.

Suzanne Overholtzer said, “I know what it takes to make schools function,” while David Overholtzer said “the success of any school project takes parent participation.”