Thursday, March 11, 2010

LCEA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 3/11/2010

LCEA March Meeting Minutes
Date: 3/11/2010
Place: Titan Hill
Time: 4:15

Roll Call: Barb Motes, Kim McLaughlin, Jennifer Doorlag, Dave Bergman, Tom McLaughlin HS Reps: Allison Towne (ab), Ruth Kreger, Sharon Crawley (ab)
MS Reps: Margot Argotsinger, Beth Frank, Al Lorenz, Dot Sillau
TH Reps: Lisa Scieszinski, Joanna Stenlund, Kathy Dorsey, Farah Guetter
Kreft Reps: LoriAnn Brougham, Lee Dwyer (ab), Angie Tucker (ab)

Secretary’s Report (Kim McLaughlin)
• Bergman moved that the February meeting minutes be approved, Kreger seconded it, and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report (Jen Doorlag)
• Bergman moved that the report be approved, Argotsinger seconded it, and the motion passed.

Building Reports
• Kreft: Report cards cannot be printed until all grades are in, and they were supposed to be ready to send out with kids today. The teachers didn’t receive them until the afternoon, at which time, they have to stuff envelopes with the report cards and other papers. There seemed to be no option of sending out the report cards and other papers tomorrow instead.
• Titan Hill: The teacher who was accosted by an administrator was apologized to, we hear. Also, there is a refusal to remove snow from handicapped spots in the parking lot.
• Middle school: They are planning for ITBS, and there is a great deal of stress related to the school being on the list. There are a couple of district policies (social promotion, refusal of content-specific professional development) that could be changed to help the situation. Good news is that some of the kids seem to recognize the need to do well in classes and on tests. There was a long discussion of a mismatch between our curriculum and the ITBS/NWEA exams.
• High school: Everything seems to be going pretty well.

Committee Reports
• Negotiations (Beth Frank): We got the responses about the insurance question. Nineteen said hold firm with our agreement as it is, and eleven said we could look at making changes. Mediation is 5:00 on March 29 at the ERC. This is an open meeting.
• Grievance (Tom McLaughlin): No report regarding grievances.

Old Business
• Elections: K. McLaughlin is waiting to collect ballots. She will count them over the weekend and send out an email with the results.
• The March dinner was canceled because of lack of response. We will reschedule the dinner for post-election.

New Business
• Retiring teacher awards: Titan Hill will handle these.
• Teacher of the Year awards: Kreft will handle these. Each building needs to contact members for their individual Teacher of the Year.
• High School Senior award: The high school will take care of this. K. McLaughlin will have Curt Mace put out the application for the scholarship.
• April Delegate Assembly: The DA will be on April 9-10 in Ames. Tom and Kim McLaughlin, Mary Bleth-Harris, and Dave Bergman will be attending.
• Voting for Tom McLaughlin, Anne Travis, and Margaret Clapper for State Delegate to the NEA RA:

• K. McLaughlin moved that the meeting be adjourned, Stenlund seconded it, and the meeting adjourned at 5:00.